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JAMB Change Admission Letters (Steps and Price)

Particularly when you believe you understand that the change of institution or course through JAMB varies from the modification of JAMB admission or the alteration of admission letters, various inquiries might arise.

One such inquiry pertains to the cost of undergoing a JAMB change of admission. If you lack a clear comprehension of the distinctions, you'll naturally seek clarification.

In this article, I will provide guidance on this matter and elucidate relevant aspects.

Distinguishing Between Change of Course and Change of Admission Letters

To provide lucidity, the process of JAMB change of institutions and courses involves altering the schools or courses you initially selected during your JAMB UTME or Direct Entry registration.

A need might arise to modify your institution and/or course if you have a change of heart or if your JAMB score proves inadequate for securing admission into your initially chosen institution or course.

On the other hand, the JAMB change of admission pertains to a procedure required when a school admits a student for a particular course, but the JAMB portal indicates a different course for the same school.

Another scenario arises when a student is admitted for the same course by both JAMB and the school, but the school institutes a change of course while the student is going to the 200-level or 300-level. In such cases, adjusting the course on your JAMB portal becomes necessary as well.

An illustration of this situation is presented by Prince Shedrack in scenario X.

Similar to that is the case of a student who receives admission from JAMB to one school but gains admission to another school. The student then opts to attend the alternate school rather than the one originally offered by JAMB.

In such scenarios, the appropriate action is to execute a JAMB change of admission or modification of the admission letter, rather than altering the institution or course.

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How to Perform a Change of Admission or Alteration of Admission Letters

For any of the aforementioned scenarios, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Visit any JAMB accredited center or JAMB office across the nation.
  2. Inform them of your intention to request a JAMB change of admission (letters).
  3. Clearly elucidate your specific situation to ensure accurate decision-making.
  4. The Computer-Based Test (CBT) center will facilitate the application and submit it.
  5. Following the application, the CBT center will generate an indemnity form for you.
  6. Submit the indemnity form to your school's admission office or administrative unit.
  7. The school will endorse and stamp the form, confirming the situation for the application, before forwarding it to the nearest JAMB office for final approval.
  8. Upon approval, an email notification will be sent to the email address you provided.
  9. Subsequently, you can reprint your JAMB admission letter reflecting your accurate school and course details.

Can I Pay School Fees After Matriculation?

Cost of Applying for JAMB Change of Admission or Admission Letter

Officially, a fee of N2,500 is required for the JAMB change of admission or admission letter. 

Nevertheless, additional charges encompassing online transaction fees and CBT center costs should be anticipated, totaling approximately N4,000.


There you have it. If you find yourself admitted into a different course compared to the one JAMB initially offered, and you pursued that course, the procedure outlined above explains how to obtain a new admission letter for your actual course. 

Similarly, if you've enrolled in an alternate institution than the one on your JAMB portal, the same steps should be followed. This process also applies if your course is altered by your school after completing your first year of study.

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