Names, DOB Changed on NIN, Will It Change on JAMB? -

Names, DOB Changed on NIN, Will It Change on JAMB?

Most parts of this post are outdated. You should read: New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA, etc.

When errors occur in JAMB details, students should be aware that they often stem from their NIN. The key factor is that you used your NIN to generate the JAMB profile code. This code was then used for the JAMB form or PIN procurement of ePIN. Consequently, the information on your NIN, including name, date of birth, state/LGA, gender, etc., will be transferred from the NIN to fill out your JAMB form.

Today, many students are aware of this process, and when they spot any errors, they understand that it is traceable to the National Identity Management Commission (NIN). To correct any of these errors, you need to go back to the basis, i.e., the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office, to correct names, date of birth, state/LGA, etc., before rectifying the mistake on JAMB.

However, after correcting the data with NIMC, do you still need to make changes at the JAMB office or CBT center for the same data? Or will the changes be automatically updated on the JAMB portal?

This was a concern a student shared with me. He wanted to be sure if the changes made on the NIN would automatically affect the JAMB data or if there is a need for additional changes.

Let's explore my explanation to the young man. You'll find a solution to your own confusion here too.

You Need to Change the JAMB Portal Too

Since you're correcting mistakes on your NIN after obtaining the JAMB form, you'll also need to change the same data on the JAMB portal.

If you had corrected your NIN errors before obtaining the JAMB form and such corrections had reflected before generating the profile code for the JAMB PIN/form, you wouldn't have any need to correct anything on the JAMB portal.

Since you're in a reactive mode at this stage, corrections will have to be made on both NIN and the JAMB form.

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JAMB Correction Will Be Done at JAMB Office

While you can change your course, institution, and a few other things at the CBT center, changes to names, date of birth, state/LGA, and gender will only be done at JAMB offices.

You'll need to pay about N3,000 for this correction when you get there. Additionally, you may need to bring along your National ID card (NIN) for confirmation of the corrections you made.

A JAMB official will initiate the changes and inform you to expect an email of approval soon. Yes, after approving the correction, JAMB will send you an email to confirm it. If disapproved, you'll receive the same email.

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