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JAMB SIM Problem, How Do I Check My Result?

In situations where UTME candidates have lost, deactivated, or damaged their JAMB SIM cards, preventing them from receiving SMS results or resetting their passwords, options include retrieving the SIM card to regain access or utilizing the JAMB portal to print original results by logging in with their linked email addresses, with troubleshooting steps provided for forgotten email passwords and recommendations for utilizing CBT centers if necessary.

If you have lost your JAMB phone number you're not the only one in this mess. Hundreds of students have chatted with me regards this issue in the last few weeks.

Some have lost their SIMs. Some SIMs were blocked. Some still had the SIM active but could not receive SMS or text messages with their lines.

And it's through these lines they could get JAMB UTME results if they want to check using the SMS method. And in order to even get JAMB password through SMS or text message, it is the same SIMs that could be used.

But now, it's lost, damaged, blocked, or deactivated. What to do in this messy situation?

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Retrieve the SIM To Check Your JAMB Results With a SIM

If you need to check your JAMB result and the SIM is lost, deactivated, or damaged, kindly do the "welcome back" for the SIM. To do that, go to your network provider's office e.g. MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobule to retrieve the SIM.

You can also check in at any of their accredited help centers in your town or village.

If successful, to see your UTME result, send UTMERESULT to 55019 as an SMS. After being debuted N50, you should be able to receive your JAMB result in a returning SMS.

However, some students are not the original owners of the SIMs. Thereby, retrieving the SIM is forever impossible.

So, how do you check your JAMB result in this case?

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Use Your JAMB Portal To Print Original JAMB Result

If SMS works for you, you may not need to print the original JAMB result until you're offered admission or it's time to register post UTME or go for screening.

However, with a lost, damaged, or blocked SIM, you'll be forced to print the original JAMB result in order to see your result. After all, your parents will want to know how far if you don't even care.

What do you need to print the original JAMB result then?

Two things - your email and the password to the JAMB portal.

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Whereas, some students linked their emails with the JAMB portals when they went for the JAMB registration. The password to the JAMB portal must have been sent to that email.

Some did the linking later after the JAMB result had been released. They must have got the password in their emails too. Some were able to do their linking directly with the change of institution/course they did.

Some are yet to link their emails. The good news is that it's never too late to link email to the JAMB portal. They can still do it right now or later.

If you've linked the email during the registration or later, log in to your email to pick the password sent by JAMB. If you've not linked your email, kindly proceed to any CBT center around you and do the linking. It could cost you between 200 to 500.

Be sure you own the email and you know its password. In other words, you can log into the email any time or you're already using the email on your phone.

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If you didn't see the JAMB sent password inside your email having linked the email, visit the JAMB e-facility portal and use the forget password link or simply click here https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/forgot

JAMB password portal reset page

After that, enter your linked email and click "Password Reset". An email message will be sent to your email immediately This message will contain your unique password. This is the password you'll be using to log in to your JAMB portal.

To log in to the JAMB portal, click here or visit https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/Login . Enter your email and the password received from JAMB. Viola, you're inside your own JAMB portal! Now, you can click on "Print Result Slip", make the payment of N1,500 (excluding the online charges), download your result, and print. 

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For Those Who Can't Log Into The Linked Emails

Some students have forgotten the passwords of emails they linked to the JAMB portal. Hence, they didn't have access to the password sent by JAMB or to be sent by JAMB.

If you're one of these students, try to use forget password on your email page or app. If you can use that medium to change the password, great!

However, if you can't reset the password to your email and your line is blocked, damaged, or lost, you'll need to visit the nearest CBT center to download your result.

Nothing is wrong with that. You'll just bear the stress of going back to the CBT center for that. If you must use the CBT center though, prepare about N2,500 together with their service charge.

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