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I Can't Enter My Email to Get JAMB Password: Solutions!

After linking the email with the JAMB portal, some candidates can't access the emails they linked. This happened if you've forgotten the password of the email and you can't reset the password to the email which might be because you've lost your email phone number or for any other reasons.

Your case is similar to someone who linked a wrong email with the JAMB portal. And if you see my prescription for that, it's exactly what you're going to do even if you linked the right email but you can no longer enter the email because of one reason or the other.

Meanwhile, the unique password, sent by JAMB, to the email is lost forever. Whereas you need to be logging to our JAMB portal to follow up on your admission progress through the JAMB e-facility portal.

So, what do you do now? Is all hope lost?

There is good news and bad ones too.

If You Can't Access Your JAMB Email, the Password is Lost

I'm sorry to inform you that if you can't log into your e-mail linked with the JAMB portal to copy out your unique password, there is nothing you can do to get the password back.

Creating a new email won't work. Trying to link another email with the portal won't work because linking of email to the JAMB portal is a one-time activity.

One method that has helped before now, but because the JAMB system, may no longer be working is to get the password through SMS - using the phone line used to get the profile code back then.

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However, you can still try if it will work the time you're reading this. To do that, send a password followed by a space then followed by the email to 55019 e.g. PASSWORD [email protected]

This service will charge you #50. An SMS containing a new password should be sent to you if debited. To log in to the JAMB portal, use the email and this new password.

If this method won't work, you will have to go for the next solution which works no matter what but can be a kind of inconvenience.

RecommendedFirst Thing To Do If You Changed Institutions/Courses

Visit CBT Centre for Related Admission Activities

The benefits of being able to log into your JAMB portal are.

  1. to do the change of institutions and/or course
  2. to print the JAMB original result
  3. to follow up on admission progress
  4. to accept the transfer of course
  5. to accept marketplace offers, and
  6. to print the JAMB admission letter

If you can't get your JAMB password because you've lost access to the linked email, you'll be using the service of any nearby accredited CBT centre to do any of the activities listed above.

Of course, if you can access your JAMB and CAPS yourself, you can, or at a nearby cafΓ©, print your JAMB result, follow admission progress, accept course transfer, accept marketplace offer and/or print your JAMB admission letter.

The three activities that should have definitely taken you to CBT centre will be changing institutions/courses, linking email to the JAMB portal and uploading results to the JAMB portal.

But now, you're forced to go to CBT for everything. You can't do anything on your own or at a cafΓ© nearby unless you have the password to log into your JAMB account. Sorry!

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Don't assume that because you can't access your JAMB portal due to any reason that your admission is over. NOPE! You can do anything necessary with the help of the nearest accredited CBT centre. These people can access your JAMB portal/CAPS without using email or password. All they need is your JAMB registration number or JAMB profile code.

Best of luck!

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