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Errors in My NIN, Can I Register JAMB With It?

There were several complaints about candidates' NINs and the generation of JAMB profile codes.

One of such is a candidate with errors or mistakes in the National ID card registration. He is now ready to obtain the JAMB form but fears the same errors will be produced on his or her UTME or DE registration.

What can you do if you're a victim of errors on NIN and ready to register JAMB? Should you continue the registration like that? Can you correct the errors during the JAMB registration or at the CBT centre? Can you correct that before going for the registration?

These are variances of questions that will be running through your mind.

This post will guide you on what to do if there is an error in your NIN before or after your register for your JAMB UTME or DE.

Familiar Errors Candidates My See in NIN

After the enrollment, a confirmation slip should be given to you by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). This slip will show a few things on collection. Whether you take note immediately or later, below are a few errors that may appear on your National ID card enrollment slip.

1. Mistakes in the Names

This may include the misarrangement of names, spelling error, omission or inclusion of a wrong name, not writing the names in full, etc.

This mistake is serious and should be attended to and corrected before you go ahead in using it for admission.

2. Mistake in Gender

A few candidates have reported males being used for females and vise versa. 

Thus is equally a serious issue that needs to be altered before you proceed with the JAMB registration.

3. Mistake in Address/Town/LGA/State

If there is an error in the address of your home - be it the whole address or a part of it, you don't need to panic as nobody is coming to your house from JAMB. The address may not matter for your admission purpose.

However, the town and local government of your state are very important. You will need that for your admission as a few schools will use that to determine admission using catchment areas and the likes. Your local government identification or state of origin document will be needed during the screening and admission documentation.

Hence, state, local government, and state errors need to be addressed.

4. Mistake in the Date of Birth

This is another serious error to be corrected on NIN if you must use the same for your JAMB registration.

A lower date of birth than 16 may deprive you of admission. While any higher date than your actual age may lead to frustration because that will not tally with your primary and secondary school records which will also be required during your admission processes.

How to Correct Errors on National ID Before Registering for JAMB

If you find out you have any of these errors before you start your JAMB processes, you can quickly alter things.


  1. Return to the NIMC and not necessarily where you registered. Make sure it's NOT agent shop for registration but the main NIMC office around you
  2. Tell them about the errors
  3. They'll ask you to make the right payment. Your fee may vary based on the error. For example, the correction of a name is #500 per name. Date of birth may attract #15000 or above.
  4. After the correction and the payment, you'll return to the NIMC and submit your payment receipt.
  5. You will be asked to come back for another enrollment slip that will contain the corrections. And they may give your the slip immediately if possible.

Proceed with JAMB Activities After the Correction

As soon as your corrected enrolment slip is ready, you can proceed with other JAMB activities

You can now send NIN (space) Your NIN to 55019 to get your profile code.

The returning message should include your corrected name when received. And for other corrections, they should reflect correctly on the JAMB registration slip after the submission at the CBT center.

Realized the Errors After JAMB Registration?

If you found out about the errors after you'd completed your registration at the CBT center and the confirmation slip given to you, you would need to follow the same steps as stated above.

This time, it's expected that when JAMB updates its database with that of NIMC after the JAMB registration is over, the new changes and corrections should be updated in the former's database.

Then, how will you know the correction has refected?

Before the exam, you will be asked to reprint your exam slip. On this exam slip, all your bio-data including names, date of birth, gender, state, and local government will be displayed.

The slip should show the corrections if done well.


The best and the surest way to correct errors on NIN before going for the JAMB profile code and registration is to handle the errors before anything else.

However, it's possible to do the same after the JAMB registration and expect it to reflect eventually as already detailed above.

In all, it's important to correct these errors as they may affect you in the admission and future.

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  1. Please sir, their is a mistake of Date of birth on my NIN and it reflected on my mock slip. But I don't have#15000 now, can I do it after jamb main exam.

  2. I noticed that there was an error in my DOB which reflected in my jamb
    I went for correction and I was told that for the new age to reflect it takes up to Six months - one year
    And before then admission must have commenced
    Pls what can I do?


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