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Using Last Year JAMB Profile/Code: Right or Wrong? 2020/2021 Updates

One of my subscribers just sent me a message he got from Whatsapp or Facebook warning admission seekers to avoid using their last JAMB profiles, phone numbers or emails for the UTME registrations this year.

The message is here below. 

Pls if you have any of your brother or sister that is willing to re-write JAMB again this year 2K19 pls tell them to use different phone number and Email address in filling the jamb form bcos if they use the same phone number and email address that they used last year they are going to lose their JAMB fee N4,700, if they use the same phone number and email address that they used last year in paying their Jamb fee the same information and score that they have last year is going to uploaded in their current JAMB 2019. So Pls kindly inform your brothers and sisters that are willing to re-write their JAMB.

Is it true that you should use another number for your profile code? Is it true that applicants must open a new email? Will it be better to shun last profile and start afresh for this admission year?

I've addressed some of these questions in my post, “2019 JAMB UTME/DE: Answers to the Questions Bothering Admission Seekers”.

Yet, I will love to talk more about this in order to answer the question of the guy who sent the message above.

JAMB Profile Code With Old Phone Number and New One

The procedure to get started with obtaining UTME/DE Form is to send a Candidate’s full name (in correct order) to 55019. This will deduct N50 service charge and reply to you with a profile or confirmation code. This is a ten-digit number you will use to buy your UTME form.

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Now, some candidates had used their phones to get these codes sometimes last year or year before. If you use the same phone number to get the code this year, it means the same old profile code will be sent to you again this year.

Is anything wrong with that? NO! and YES!

It only means you must have access to your last profile. In other words, you must have the last email to your profile and the password to your profile.

Once you’re able to log in to the last profile, then you’re doing good. Go ahead and use the same profile for your UTME this year.

If however, you can’t log into your profile again (if you forget the email and password), kindly change your phone number to get back a new profile code and open another email address to use for the registration.

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Opening New Email May Be Necessary

The only reason you will need to open another email is if you forget your last year profile log-in details such as a password. You may also need to register a new profile if you've accepted one admission last year. Then, you should know you won't be offered admission through the old profile this year.

In fact, if you use old profile code to buy the new form, you will automatically be attached to your old email (even if you use a new one). Hence, you will need a new phone number to get the code and a new email too.

The Same UTME Results for Those Who Use Previous Profile?

Heck No!

This is a total mistake from the person who posted the notice. JAMB will not give the same result to you as last year's because you used the old profile.

This is clearly a misunderstanding.

Well, let’s ask Mr. Poster where he got this information? Nobody has written this year UTME already let alone seeing the results. How does he know JAMB will give you the same result as last year? Whereas, such has not happened in the previous years.

Please shun such misleading information.

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  1. Can i create a new profile code for my direct entry, because i don't have access to my previous one again.

  2. Hello sir! please i wanted to login into JAMB Caps today but i noticed i couldn't sign up because i remember using my aunts personal office E-mail address to register for the UTME 2020 registration and i don't know her password for her e-mail. asking her for it will seem a little bit awkward! so Please sir, is it okay if i use my own E-mail address that i used to register for JAMB 2019/2020 last year for 2020/2021 JAMB Efacility sign up(e-Mail verification)?

    1. If you have problems with your JAMB profile, read the posts below.

  3. Please sir,I used the same jamb details from 2019 for 2020 registration,so anytime I try to login to my profile to check my caps,it keeps showing my previous profile (2019) instead.
    Please help me, what can I do?

    1. Of course, using the last year profile means you'd agreed retain the same information used for this year too. You can't change any personal information. You can however, change institutions/courses, or re-upload another O'level results. To change anything else, kindly book appointment with JAMB office and visit.

    2. Please sir ,how do I book an appointment with jamb office?

    3. Follow the guide in the link below.

  4. I have the same issue but I hope I won't have any issues if I'm given admission?

    1. You shouldn't if you follow the right guide as detailed in this post.

  5. Please sir am using the profile I use to gain admission for ond for direct entry now, hope it won't affect


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