JAMB Code and JAMB Password: Any Difference?

If you're getting this free, you're lucky. A candidate just paid for my premium service to get the difference between the JAMB code and the JAMB password.

The confusion will likely start when you need to change institutions/courses or are about to upload your results to the JAMB portal and the CBT center asks for your JAMB code.

Or you're about to check the status of your uploaded results by yourself or you want to print your JAMB result or JAMB admission letter but you don't know the JAMB password or the café attendant asks for it.

Well, in this post, I will be showing you the difference between the JAMB code and the JAMB password and give you the steps to take to get either.

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JAMB Code Is the Same as JAMB Profile Code

Someone might have loosely called it JAMB code, it's the same as the JAMB profile code.

Does that sound familiar? Let me remind you!

You got a code when you're about to buy and register your JAMB. Remember? Some got it when they wanted to register for their Direct Entry (DE) or regularization. Then, you sent NIN to 55019/66019. After being debited N50, you got a reply that contained a 10-digit number called the profile code.

That's the JAMB code!

The JAMB code is a unique 10-digit number assigned to each candidate during the registration process. It serves as an identification number for the candidate throughout the JAMB process.

This code is used for various activities such as checking JAMB results, printing admission letters, and accessing other JAMB services - especially if you want to be doing these at CBT centers.

It is important to keep the JAMB code safe and secure, as it is a crucial identifier for the candidate.

In case you don't have the code again, don't panic. My post, "Get JAMB Profile Code or Recover a Lost Code" already has a few methods to get it back. One of them should work for you!

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JAMB Password Is Used To Access JAMB Portal By Yourself or Café

After the JAMB result, under normal circumstances, apart from linking emails to the JAMB portal, change of institutions/courses, and uploading of the O'level results to the JAMB portal (which are restricted to JAMB offices/CBT centers), you're to hand every other thing yourself or with the help of a nearby café.

However, to be able to do all other things, you'll need to first link your email to your JAMB portal. This might have been done by some candidates during the UTME/DE registration. If you check your UTME/DE registration slip and you see your email there, it means, you've already linked the email to the JAMB portal.

Some candidates have done JAMB a few times in previous years. Some have done the change of institutions/courses before now. With that, their emails must have been linked with their JAMB portals too. 

If you don't belong to either of the two categories, you must go to any CBT center now and link your email to the JAMB portal.

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Once done or if earlier done, JAMB will send or must have sent a password to your email. This is the password you'll be using to log in to your JAMB portal to carry out a few activities.

If you can't find the password sent to you before now or sent to the linked email yet, use any other methods in the post, "5 Sure Methods To Reset Your JAMB/Email Password" to get yours now. 

The JAMB password is a confidential login credential used to access the JAMB online portal. It is automatically generated and sent to candidates during the registration process or can be reset later if forgotten.

The JAMB password, along with the JAMB email (the one you linked), allows candidates to log in to their individual profiles on the JAMB portal

Once logged in, candidates can perform various tasks such as checking exam details, checking uploaded results, monitoring the progress of the admission, accepting admission, and printing the JAMB admission letters.

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It's safe to say that the JAMB code which is the same as the JAMB profile code is the 10-digit number got to process JAMB registration. The same code will be required for a few after-JAMB activities, as listed in the post, especially when you need the services of a CBT center.

However, you'll only have access to the JAMB password after linking your email to the JAMB portal which will be required for other after-JAMB activities if you must do things on your own or through a café.

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