Can I Change My JAMB SIM to Retrieve Profile Code? -

Can I Change My JAMB SIM to Retrieve Profile Code?

If you have once generated the JAMB profile code or registered for JAMB with a profile code, you must be aware of the significance of a SIM/line in generating the profile code. If you will need to buy another JAMB form in the future, the same SIM/line will be required. In other words, if you no longer have the profile code, you can only recover it through the same SIM/line used to obtain it the first time. What if you have lost the SIM/line? Are there other ways to recover the profile with another SIM? Can you simply change the SIM? Does JAMB have provisions for those who have lost or damaged their SIMs to regenerate and reactivate the profile codes? In this post, I will share what is possible and what is not regarding the issue at hand.

You Can't Change JAMB SIM/Line

I have previously established that you cannot change your profile code, just as you cannot change your NIN or the email once used for JAMB. Therefore, it is not possible to change your SIM/line once used to generate the profile code. In fact, this has generally posed a challenge for some affected students, appearing to be an eternal problem, even though JAMB has defended why it must ensure that some data cannot be changed by candidates. As a way out, there are a few tweaks if all you need is to recover your profile code. You can still retrieve the profile code without necessarily changing the SIM/line. I share those tips in my post [provide the post link].

JAMB Releases Official Position on Not Changing SIMs/Lines

In response to user Joseph Curie's query via Twitter handle @joseph_curie, regarding the retrieval of his UTME profile code and the challenges associated with a lost SIM card, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) issued an official statement through its Twitter account @JAMBHQ. JAMB clarified that there is currently no alternative method to generate a profile code for UTME other than using the same phone number originally used for registration. The statement further emphasized that SIM swap functionality is not available on the JAMB portal.
JAMB advised Mr. Curie and others facing a similar predicament to focus on retrieving their lost SIM cards. The implication is that without the original SIM card, the retrieval of the profile code may prove to be an intricate task. JAMB's communication underscores the importance of maintaining the same phone number throughout the UTME registration process and subsequent interactions with the portal. It is essential for users to heed this guidance and take the necessary steps to recover their lost SIM cards to facilitate the seamless retrieval of the UTME profile code. JAMB's response serves as a clear directive, emphasizing the current limitations in alternative methods for code generation and the unavailability of SIM swap functionality within the JAMB portal.

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  1. The sim i used in generating profile code for 2023 jamb has been blocked and it belonhs to someone whom I don't even know because it was given to me by my brother. I still have my profile code with me but i need advice on how to go about it.
    Can i register for UTME with my new phone number and do swim swap later on? Will i be penalised if i do so?
    Pls i need answers


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