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I Didn't Use Email For JAMB, Can I Link Now?

Some UTME and DE applicants are worried their CBT centers didn't ask for their emails when they went for the registration. They checked their friends' registration slips and found their emails were there. Only to check theirs and meet "none".

The concern, now, is if it's already too late to link email to the JAMB portal. They want to know if it's actually necessary or just an optional thing. They want to know if it's a stupid mistake to have not linked their emails when others were doing the same.

In this post, I will be answering your question and try to give some verdicts about the starting date or closing time for the linking of emails to the JAMB portal.

It's Not A Must To Link Emails At The Time of UTME/DE Registration

In case you're wondering if it's compulsory to link your email with the JAMB portal on the day of your UTME/DE registration, no it's NOT.

JAMB, at the time of this writing, doesn't compulsory the linking email to the JAMB portal, at the point/time of registering UTME/DE or on that particular day. You can always do it later.

The linking of email to the JAMB portal is compulsory in order to monitor the admission activities by yourself and to have access to a few things directly without visiting the CBT center. However, the linking doesn't have to be on the day of the registration or at the same CBT center, or on that spot.

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JAMB Allows Candidates To Return to Any CBT Center to Link Emails Later

You're allowed to visit the same or any other CBT center of your intent to link your email to your JAMB portal any time after you've completed your JAMB registration.

Some students will go for the link before they're scheduled for or sit for the exam. Some won't worry until after they've seen their UTME results. Some will take their time until their schools start processing admission lists.

In all, all that just matters is to do the linking as soon as you're ready and before your school completes releasing its admission lists.

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Linking Email Gives You Access To A few Things You May or May Not Need

Generally, you won't need the linking of email to the JAMB portal if you have the worst JAMB score that you decide not to process any admission with that. Or if you don't have enough score for your proposed course/school which has forced you to give in to taking the next JAMB.

But if you want to process admission with your school, the linking is necessary for you to be able to:

  1. Print your JAMB result
  2. Check your choices of schools
  3. know if any course or schools you change to (if any) has reflected on the JAMB portal
  4. monitor the admission progress on JAMB CAPS
  5. accept admission offer or transfer (if any)
  6. print the JAMB admission letters, etc.

As a result, some candidates won't just bother to link their emails until they've seen their results and are sure they can process their admissions with that.

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No Specific Starting Date or Closing Date For Linking Emails to The JAMB Portal

If I must pick a date to start linking your email to the JAMB portal, that should be the day you register your UTME or DE. However, it's not even compulsory to do that on that very day (as earlier mentioned).

And luckily, there is no specific or official closing date for the linking. 

If I must give you a closing date for the linking, I would prefer to say, perhaps, when your proposed schools close their admission for the year - meaning all lists have already been released.

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Even if you didn't link your email to the JAMB portal for a year, you can do the same next year if you obtain JAMB UTME/DE for that year too.

As long as the schools you're proposing are still processing admission or lists are yet to be released or are still being released, you can link your email to the JAMB portal.

This is because, as earlier said, the linking mainly helps you to access your JAMB portal to monitor your admission activities and progress. Until you link, you can't monitor that. That's all!

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While the admission year is still on or your schools have not completed their admission activities (even after), you can link your email to the JAMB portal to monitor things. Hence, no closing date!

However, if you care to print your JAMB result and monitor your JAMB admission activities, you should link the email as soon as you're ready.

Missing the link when you went for the JAMB registration didn't have any effect on your admission. You can do it right now or later!

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