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Urgent! Things To Do If You Changed Institutions/Courses

There is a need to put this up, as a different post, on this blog because of how urgent it is.

It's so urgent that if you don't do this, you may lose admission this year even if you merit it. Yes, you heard me!

Even if you score 400 in UTME, passed post UTME to 100%, and have A1 in all our SSCE subjects because you did change institutions/courses, you may not be offered admission, if you fail to do this immediately.

This post is not meant to state that you won't be offered admission if you change institutions/courses. In fact, you don't have a problem changing institutions/courses. A school, you changed to, would offer you admission the same way it would for those who chose it from the start.

Instead, the post will warn and guide you not generally on what to do immediately after you complete your change of institutions at a CBT center or JAMB office, but more specifically the most urgent action.

Access Your JAMB Portal To See Your Choices Immediately

Having guided you in my post, "How to Check 1st Choice Institution and Course on JAMB", I have the confidence that if you follow the guide, you'll be able to know the institutions appearing as your first, second, third, and fourth choice after the changes are made. 

Even though a CBT center or JAMB office might have given you the JAMB change of institutions/courses slip, which, of course, is evidence of successful submission, you still need to check things yourself, right on the JAMB portal.

You will visit the JAMB profile/e-facility portal, log in, navigate to the CAPS and check your choices.

With that simple steps, you'll be certain if the change of institutions/courses is correctly showing as done.

However, if the old choices are still showing, instead of the new ones, which is why I'm writing this post, you get to hurry up and solve the issue.

Luckily enough, you can solve this issue yourself. If you fail to, you may not be offered admission eventually.

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If You're Seeing the Old Choices, Click the "Refresh" Button on "My Choices" Page

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is aware that after some students had changed their institutions/courses, the changes are not showing on the JAMB CAPS. In this case, the effects will be as stated below.

  1. The old choice may eventually offer you admission instead of the school you changed to
  2. The school you changed to might not see your name among those who chose them. Hence, you might not be able to register for its post UTME/screening if your information doesn't reflect on their end.

The results of the above negligence will be losing admission in the end.

So, to solve this dilemma, the board has included, on the JAMB CAPS, at the "My Choices" page (right below), a link/button called "Refresh".

If you're seeing old choices instead of new ones, it's this "Refresh" button that you're expected to click. Doing that will immediately reload your pages to show the new/last changes.

With that, your new institutions will be able to see your names and other information on their list of students. Also, if the school is one of those that your change must reflect on their portal before you can register post UTME/screening, you'll then be able to.

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A Student Changed From College of Education Ilesa To Adeyemi College of Education

This problem has affected another student, apart from the one I narrated in, "JAMB Portal Still Shows Old Choices I Changed From". 

The poor girl had chosen the College of Education Ilesa as her first choice. Later, she changed to Adeyemi College of Education.

While trying to register for the Adeyemi College of Education Screening, she couldn't because her details are not found on the college's lists.

A sister of hers asked her to contact me. I visited her JAMB CAPS to know the state of things.

Unfortunately, the old choices were still on the page even though she had her change of institutions/courses slip with her - carrying the new changes.

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I could just click on the Refresh button and let the new choice reflect immediately but I was held back when I checked the JAMB CAPS admission status. The old college has given her admission.

With this, if we click on the refresh button, the new college will appear and her details will appear at the new college. Yet, that will forfeit her admission to the old college.

To resolve this, I told her to make her final choice. If she wanted to consider the old choice, she should go back to the CBT center and change back to the College of Education, Ilesa. 

If she wanted to pull on with the Adeyemi College of Education Ondo, we should just refresh and let the new choice appear for her to partake in the latter's post-UTME/screening.

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  1. I changed from Uniilag to oou but I did not reflect on Jamb portal which I checked after writing post utme what can I do?

  2. I changed my institution to imsu .. but it's saying it's still not my first choice ... can u please tell me what to do or check it for me


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