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How To Create Profile For Regularization For DE (Direct Entry)

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I’ve addressed several topics around the JAMB regularisation in the past. I covered: What JAMB regularisation is and how it affects NYSC. Also, why regularization is important to DE applicants and who truly needs it.

If you’ve read that and you’re sure you needed to do JAMB regularisation for your Direct Entry or National Service, the more likely question in your mind now should be how to create a profile for this exercise.

Before guiding you on step by step procedures to create a regularisation profile, let’s commit some important details to heart:

  1. JAMB regularisation is not meant for all DE applicants neither it is for all awaiting corpers. Read the post linked above to be sure if you need it.
  2. Creating a profile for regularisation is not “much” different from creating a profile for JAMB. Before now, JAMB candidates use phones to get profile codes to start with. Then, they have to complete profile creation at a CBT center or JAMB office. For now, both the JAMB candidates and Regularising candidates can create their profiles on the JAMB portal without the need to use a CBT center or JAMB office.
  3. Regularisation can strictly be done at CBT centers and JAMB offices nationwide
  4. Candidates regularising should know why they need it. There are various options to choose from before proceeding with the registrations. Among the options are:
  • Unregistered Admission (Not yet offered Admission by JAMB)
  • The normalization of Irregular Admission
  • Intra (Change in Course Offered)
  • Inter (Deletion of the Previous Institution)

Now, let’s dive into how to create a regularisation/JAMB profile

RecommendedInformation/Payment Needed To Fill JAMB Regularization

Step By Step Procedures To Create Profile For DE Regularization

  1. On your mobile phone, text as follows: "Email, your email, your email" and send to 55019/66019.
  2. For example, text Email, [email protected], [email protected]
  3. Now, send it to 55019/66019
  4. Note that the first word I typed was "Email". Then comma (,) followed by space, followed by your email, then comma (,), followed by space, and then email again
  5. In my case, it will look like, Email, [email protected], [email protected]
  6. After sending the message to 55019/66019, your line will be debited at #50
  7. After this, log in to your email and look for an email message from JAMB
  8. The email message will contain a unique password that you will be using to log in to your JAMB profile.
  9. Now, visit Here, you will use the email and the password sent to you to log in.
  10. That's all!

After Regularisation Profile Creation, What Next?

  1. You can use the service of the JAMB office or CBT center
  2. A JAMB office or CBT center should know what to do at every stage of your application. What is important is to explain why you’re regularising. This will be the option they will select before making the payment and completing your application.
  3. You will print an indemnity form after the application (in color). Take this to your former school (usually polytechnic or college of education). The school admission officer will sign and stamp a part of it. This will then be forwarded to the JAMB office by the school – not by you!
  4. If the regularisation is well done and the school attends timely, JAMB will send you a message of confirmation (to your email) that your regularisation has been approved. This may take a couple of weeks or a few months.
  5. After this, you can use your given or regularised JAMB registration number for your Direct entry application or any other purpose.

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  1. How is possible for one to use BA in Theology to gain admission for the course of Public Admin? Thanks

    1. Check for that in the JAMB brochure.


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