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JAMB/SSCE/JOBS Date of Birth Different? What To Do

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The date of birth (DOB) I used on WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE is different from the date of birth I used for JAMB. Is there any problem with that? And if yes, what can I do to correct this mistake?

This was a question from a candidate who registered for JAMB with a different date of birth from the one used on his O'level result. Below is what you need to know if you find yourself in this situation too.

Different Date of Birth on WAEC and JAMB

Let’s get this question right.

Yemi wrote WAEC and JAMB. Whereas in WAEC - he put in a date of birth (DOB) different from that he used for in JAMB UTME. For example, he used 12th December 2000 in WAEC whereas in JAMB he put-in 1st August 2002.

Now, he wants to know if this is a serious problem or otherwise. If necessary, what is the way out?

WAEC date of birth is nothing serious for your admission. It’s the JAMB result that is more important here.

Your question didn’t state which date of birth was correct. In other words, there was no way to say if the date written for WAEC was your right date of birth or that of JAMB, or both were wrong.

WAEC Date of Birth May Not Matter for Admissions

If the date of birth used for WAEC is not the right one, don’t panic as you won’t need that for admission purposes.

Re: Different Date of Birth on WAEC and JAMB – What is the Solution?

WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results online printout never shows your date of birth filled for those exams.

In most cases, this printout is what the majority of admission seekers will use when seeking admission for the first time.

With this, there is no way your proposed school could know that something was wrong with your date of birth.

It’s only WAEC certificate or Original result that bears date of birth. In most cases, schools don’t ask for this on admission because they know it takes about two or so years before they are ready and collected by students.

In other words, you may have a problem with the date of birth on the SSCE certificate if (for admissions) your school insists on collecting original results/certificates (for WAEC or WAEC GCE especially). If they accept just the online printout, no worries!

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JAMB Date of Birth is Serious For Admissions

If that of JAMB is not the right date of birth, it calls for worries for admission purposes.


Firstly, the JAMB result, be it an online printout (called notification of result) or the original JAMB result will bear candidates’ dates of birth.

And since you will need to present either of the two for admission, the school may frown at this wrong birth date.

Secondly, the JAMB date of birth will also be sent to NYSC for mobilization when you complete your academic programs in university or polytechnic.

However, NYSC allows prospective serving corps to do correction of date of birth. This, they allow, if such a candidate is ready to change to the date of birth on his or her WAEC.

Thirdly, schools may likely check the date of birth on your JAMB result and compare that with the one on your birth certificate or age declaration/court affidavit.

Such schools will want to see both align with each other.

Errors in the Date of Birth is Serious for Job Purposes

However, because of the use of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result for job or career purposes, you may be ready to make an amendment to that.

Don’t forget that if they mistakenly increased your age, it would reduce the years you would have to spend at service (while working for a government or private company). It may also limit your chance to get jobs if the prospective employers want lower ages for the positions opened.

If they reduce it, it may be favorable.

Don’t forget also that, your employer (government or private) may want to see that the date of birth on your certificate of birth and other documents should tally.

We have records of civil servants being sacked or demoted because of the differences in the dates of birth on the results tendered for jobs especially if such dates are reduced.

How to Correct Date of Birth on WAEC and JAMB

For admission purposes, JAMB DOB is more important. But for jobs, careers, and other official reasons, WAEC may be more important. I think if you can correct that mistake now, you’ll save yourself some future headaches.

To correct the wrong WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB date of birth, kindly write to the exam's body office in the state of the exams.
  1. If internal exams, do that through the school principal or exams officer. They will handle it with a moderate fee.
  2. If private candidates i.e GCE students, write directly to the exam body and submit personally at the counter. You will need to prepare all relevant documents along including your official birth certificate or court affidavit.

How to Correct JAMB Date of Birth

Luckily enough, you can do corrections of the JAMB date of birth at a CBT center or JAMB office. To do this, follow the guide below.

  1. Visit the JAMB office nearest to you. You may need to book an appointment first.
  2. You can also visit any accredited CBT center nearest to you without an appointment
  3. Go along with a recognized birth certificate or court affidavit. Make sure the correct date is on the documents. You can also take your WAEC certificate with the same date of birth along.
  4. Ask for a change of birth date.
  5. This may cost you N3,500 or a bit less.

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  1. How about 2019 NECO result slip that with age but mostly wrongly put? How can one correct it pls?

    1. The same is applicable to NECO. However, you can visit the nearest NECO office for help on the correction.

  2. Is it still possible for me to change my date of birth in waec?

  3. Good day sir is it possible for me to change my WARC date of birth if yes hoe

    1. Yes, it is.

      Procedures to follow already detailed in the post above.

    2. I heard that WAEC has stopped changing date of birth

    3. It's in the news some time ago. But the changes are still being attended to if you have genuine reason for that.

  4. I used Aderemi Tolani Mariam to register for waec,jamb and post utme but the arrangement on my birth certificate is Aderemi Mariam Tolani, can I still use it for admission process or should I get another one that tallies with the one I used to register for my exams

  5. Good evening Sir, mine is NECO awaiting result for 2021and the date of birth there is 24/12/1996 while the one on my NIN is 24/12/1990.I just want to write both NECO and JAMB this year, please what can I do

  6. I wrote neco 2021 and the age on it is
    while my nin and jamb don is
    sir, I hope this won't affect my admission

    1. It may not. Just be sure you correct your details where necessary,

  7. Can a different date of birth on weac and jamb affect me in going for my nysc

    1. The date birth on your JAMB will be used for NYSC.

  8. i want to change my date of birth from 09 September 1992 to 09 September 1998. how please

  9. Mine the mistake is made my my school while registering my neco 2020 i notice it before we finish the exam and make complaints to my school they weote to neco but up to nkw it has not been change i want to write again. Pls any advice on how to get this done i really need to cha ge it from 26 April to 27 April pls

    1. You still have to write and follow up through your school.

  10. Pls sir, my waec date of birth is Oct 8, 2001 but my nin and jamb is August 10, 2001. hope it won't prevent me from getting admission? If no, then what date of birth will I use for my age declaration?

  11. Good evening sir, Please Sir how do I go about this, my name has been published for NYSC mobilization but after registering for NYSC, I was exempted due to my jamb carry a fake DOB older than 30yrs (1990) and after which I submitted my WAEC information that carries the real birth age and now I’ve not been responded to as the dashboard is still showing exemption letter would be sent to my institution, and I’ve been mobilized for the Stream B batch going by month end, is there any hope of still going this month end?

    1. There is hope if your submission is eventually approved. Patience please.

  12. Please sir I want to know if this is a serious problem I wrote waec and NECO last year and my waec date of birth is different on my document all my document date of birth including my NECO result is 11 MARCH 2000 but in my waec is 11 May 2000,and I want to join admission this year but I don't know if this is a serious problem please.

    1. Every explanation I have for you is already in the post. Read again.


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