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How Much is Printing of JAMB Result?

Printing of notification of JAMB result was long gone. That was the result candidates then printed for N200 or so. Since, 2021, JAMB has stopped printing its result free. You're left with using SMS to check or spend some money to print the original one.

Since 2022, JAMB has limited candidates to print the original JAMB result which will cost you some bucks. This is called the original JAMB result which has always been printed after paying a stipulated fee.

Before now, the official price was N1,000 or about N1,200 with online transaction charges. But how much is the JAMB result this year?

In this post, let's explore this and clear the air of some confusion.

JAMB Result Actual Price is N1500 But Prepare About N1700

Yes, the actual price to pay for the printing of JAMB results starting from the 2023 admission year is N1500. However, with online transaction charges, you should prepare up to N1700.

Since the payment is actually being made through an online platform called the JAMB portal/e-facility, you should prepare the transaction charges as well.

Luckily, the platform has about three different payment providers - Remita, E-transact, and Xpress Payments.

  1. Remita will add N169.30 to the N1500 - making N1669.30.
  2. E-transact and Xpress Payments will add just N18 to the N1500 - making N1,518

So, depending on the payment provider used, your fee for the printing of your JAMB result will slightly defer from the official price of N1,500.

JAMB Confirms Original JAMB Result Costs N1700

Of course, the board might not have the luxury of time, like me, to break these charges down. Hence, it concluded to tell students to prepare N1700 to print their UTME results.

A concerned parent took to the board's official Twitter page to ask for the price of the result.

Please, I just want to know if my daughter has to pay to get her jamb result printed out or is it something I can just do in my office computer?

The board summarized the response below. 

A token of ₦1,700.00 naira is payable for the printing of the original JAMB result slip. Once the token is paid through the candidate's profile, the result slip can be printed anywhere.

You Will Spend More If You Use a Cyber Café or CBT Center

The prices earlier mentioned were official and you would not possibly spend more than that if you were to handle the payment by yourself (using your own ATM card and printing with your own printer).

However, not many students will be able to afford to print the results by themselves even if they can make the payment on their own (after all, what you need is a Mastercard you can get at your local bank).

As a result, they turn to a nearby cyber café around them or any accredited CBT center for printing. These cafes and CBT centers, with experience, usually charge more.

You may need to prepare N2,500 or N3,000 if a café or CBT center will pay for and print the result for you (especially in color). In short, you're paying, in addition, for their expert fee, card usage fee, and printing fee.

If you don't want to pay up to that, and you know how to handle online payment, you can just use your own card to make the payment using your phone. Download the result to your phone. Then, take that to a local cyber café for printing. You'll only be charged for the printing.


Paying for JAMB results using Remita will cost you higher than paying using E-transact and Xpress Payments. 

You will still save further if you can handle the payment and printing yourself as the cafes and CBT centers will, normally and usually, charge more.

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