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To Get Profile Code, SMS Failed (Not Sent!): Solutions!

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I have stated that even if you have generated a JAMB profile code before, before using it again for the next JAMB, you may need to reactivate it first. The process is simple as sending the NIN to 55019/66019 just as you formerly did. The reactivation is not general, as I've noticed those candidates after 2021 might not need to do that. However, those before that might necessarily reactivate.

This point resurfaced when a frustrated student contacted JAMB to narrate his ordeal after sending the NIN to 55019/66019 to reactivate, but the SMS failed.

Auwalu Musa (@auwalumusa15905) sent to @JAMBHQ:

I wrote JAMB last year, but when I try to reactivate my profile code, the message failed to send. I have sufficient airtime on my SIM.

JAMB (@JAMBHQ) replied.

That could be as a result of a network problem. Kindly change location and try again."

Although the board opined that it might be due to the network, from my personal experience, it's more than that. So, in this post, whether you're getting your profile code for the first time or you're just reactivating, if the SMS is failing, I will guide you on what to do.

My own professional troubleshooting doesn't negate what JAMB suggested. Yet, you'll lose nothing trying mine if their guide won't ease your stress.

What Exactly is The Message You're Receiving?

If your SIM/line could not send the SMS, thereby not showing "sent" when you hit the send button, it's most likely the SIM or the phone.

If the prompt message was "Send failed," it's more likely the SIM/line or the phone.

If it sent but you didn't see any notice of delivery or indication that it delivered or sent, it's more likely your SIM or phone.

So, what do you do in all these instances?

For Those Getting the Profile Code for the First Time

  1. Remove your SIM from the phone you're using now. Put it inside another phone, especially if you can get a button phone. Resend the SMS to see if that will work for you.
  2. Another way to do that is to use another SIM entirely. Since you've not used the SIM in any previous year for JAMB, you're not yet tied to the line. So, you can simply get another SIM. If you have a second line, try with that. If not, buy and register another. If that won't be possible, use your parent's SIM. It's allowed!
  3. If you don't want any of the above or if it all won't work, consider the tips in numbers 2 and 3 below.

For Those Who Have Got Profile Code In Previous JAMB

In your own case, you're trying to send the SMS to recover or reactivate the existing profile code. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Remove the SIM from the phone you're using. Put it in another phone, especially if you get a button one. Resend the SMS to see if that will work.
  2. If the same, try to check your SMS settings for the message center number. You might have tampered with the message center number of your GSM provider. The correct message center number for MTN, for example, is "+234803000000", Glo, "+2348050001501", Airtel, "+2348020000009" and 9mobile, "+2348090001518"
  3. You can also call the customer care of your GSM provider to complain that your SIM is not sending messages. They can guide you through the reset the SIM for you to be able to receive subsequent SMS.
  4. If your JAMB profile code was earlier generated for 2021 or after, and you still have the code with you, you may use it for the new JAMB form without necessarily reactivating it. It will work!


Ensuring the successful transmission of SMS for JAMB profile code activation or recovery requires careful troubleshooting. Whether obtaining the code for the first time or reactivating it, addressing potential SIM or phone issues is crucial. 

Following steps such as switching SIM cards, checking SMS settings, or contacting GSM providers for assistance can resolve difficulties. Additionally, for codes generated after 2021, reactivation may not be necessary. 

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