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5 Sure Methods To Reset Your JAMB/Email Password

Let’s talk about those candidates that forget the password to their JAMB profiles or JAMB efacility login. Some candidates, as well, had forgotten their JAMB email password. This post will address how to reset the two – the email password and the JAMB password to log in.

Before then, let's get some things clear.

Differences Between JAMB Password and Email Password

This is the first thing to get. Your email has its password so also is your JAMB profile (e-facility login). It’s important to note that the profile and email are not the same.

Let me explain better.

When you went to register JAMB UTME, the first account created for you was your email. But for the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 admission years, candidates, though might create email during their UTME/DE registrations, no CBT registered candidates with that email.

In other words, candidates who had JAMB profiles before 2021 created emails and used them to register for the UTME/DE at the CBT centres. However, candidates of 2021/2022 and those after were not registered for UTME/DE with any email. 

The 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 candidates had to link their emails later. More on this shortly.

Some candidates created their email before proceeding to CBT centres in the first place. During the email registration, you created a password that you will be using to log into the email. This email can be used for any other purpose in the future - not only the JAMB registration you opened it for.

Some candidates already had existing emails for about two years which they used for their JAMB registrations also. Hence, each candidate has his or her email and password.

For candidates before 2021 and 2022, the JAMB profile was the second account created for you at the CBT center when the registration was ongoing. The profile account was active as soon as you completed your registration at the CBT center. This account also has its own password.

In other words, all of you had email accounts and JAMB profile accounts. And each may have a different password or the same.

And for 2021 candidates and above, after linking your email through SMS or through manually registration at CBT centers, a password was sent to your email which you should be using to log in to the JAMB portal henceforth.

Meanwhile, most candidates use the same password for both the emails and JAMB profiles. Some changed the default passwords JAMB sent to them. They did this in order not to be mixing things up. However, some still used different passwords for the two accounts. Nothing is wrong with that as well.

I will guide you on how to get both passwords back here.

Candidates Before 2021 Who Lost or Forget Your Email? 

It’s hard to see candidates that forget their emails (if you do, check your JAMB registration slip). In case you've lost your JAMB registration slip, you need to access your email. A copy of your slip was sent to your email on the day you registered for JAMB.

Hence, you don’t have to lose access to your email and still misplace your registration slip. If you should lose the two, that may be the dead-end for your admission.

It is however very common to see candidates forgetting their passwords or mixing both up. This guide will be of great help. Read on if you have forgotten either your email password or JAMB profile password.

How to Get Back Your Email Password

Before trying to retrieve/reset your email password:

  1. Try to use your phone number as the password. Some candidates used their phone numbers. Most especially if you create it at a local café. They were found of using phone numbers as email passwords.
  2. Try your date of birth in this format: 02/05/1998 but remove the slashes. That is 02051998. This is another possible password being used by candidates for emails.

If that didn’t work, let’s now reset your password.

Follow the guide here to reset your Gmail password or this for Yahoo mail. For other email services, follow the instructions to reset the password on their login pages.

How to Get Back Your JAMB Profile Password for Candidates Before 2021

  1. Use options 1 and 2 above: As prescribed under the email password guide, try options 1 and 2.
  2. Try 1 to 8 or 1 to 5/6: That is 12345678 or 123456 or 12345. These are commonly used passwords by a majority of CBT centers.
  3. Try the combination of your surname with 123. For example, if your surname is Odunayo, use odunayo123
  4. Try JAMB2020 or UTME2020. Or lowercase jamb2020 or utme2020
  5. Check your email for the JAMB profile creation message. A message was sent to you on the day you registered for UTME. This message contained your JAMB profile password. Search for the message, read and retrieve the password in it.

If that Didn’t Work or You're a 2021 or Above Candidate, Let’s Reset Your JAMB Password

Here, you will need your email and its password. In other words, in order to reset your JAMB profile password, you must be able to log into your email first. Once you are in your email, follow the steps below.

5 Ways to Get Back, Retrieve or Reset your JAMB password.
Password reset interface for JAMB profile

First, 2021 or above candidates must have linked their email to the JAMB portal first. If you have not done that, it means you can't log in to your JAMB profile yet. Instead of trying to reset the password, you need to link and use the password that will be sent to your email to log in. For those that have linked already, follow the steps below to rest your JAMB password.

  1. Visit the JAMB password retrieve link
  2. Enter your email as used during the JAMB registration or email linked (for 2021 and above candidates).
  3. Click “Password Reset”.
  4. After that, a message containing a new password will be sent to your email. The message will include a new password that you can use to log in right away e.g candd6f6a4
  5. You can then change this password after logging in to your profile or you may not bother to change it.
  6. Now, you can log into your JAMB profile with your email and the new password received or chosen.

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