Before You Borrow SIM/Line for JAMB Profile Code? -

Before You Borrow SIM/Line for JAMB Profile Code?

I've read posts that you couldn't or shouldn't use another person's line/SIM to get JAMB profile codes. I've actually affirmed that that was wrong.

You can always use your father's, mother's, friend's, or a family member's number to get your profile code.

And if you've tried doing that already, you'll notice that the issue is not "can't" because you can, of course. But when it comes to "should", there is a need to clarify a few things.

In this post, I will be adding more flavor to the use of another person's number/line/SIM to get your JAMB profile code.

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Before Using Another Person's Number/Line/SIM, Where is Yours?

I can assure you that you can use another person's line to get your code. However, have you tried getting the code with your own line/SIM first?

The first thing is to use your personal line. If you don't have one, get it and use it. An MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9Mobile line should cost less than #200 now, if not free. So, why don't you just get one registered in your own name and use that to get your profile code?

Have you tried to get the code with your one number without success?

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You Can Use Another Person's SIM If You Can't Get The Code With Your Own SIM

If you've got your one line but could not help in getting the code even after sending your NIN to 55019 several times, you can try a few troubleshooting first.

  1. You can buy a new line, register that, and use it to get the code
  2. to be sure you're not the one doing things wrong. Check some of the solutions suggested to help you out with this kind of issue.

If after getting another line and you do things right, you can't still get the code, you can proceed and use another person's number, line/SIM to get your profile code (provided the person has not used the same line to get a profile code before for himself or any other person).

This is because once a line is used to get a profile code, such a line can't be used to get a different code. That means a line is for a profile code.

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But Before Using Another's Number/Line/SIM

Of all the warnings about not using another's line, there is something those people are not explaining if they know too.

JAMB says you can use your parent's SIM

If you want to use a line belonging to your dad, mum, sister, brother, teacher, or friend, be sure that the line truly belongs to him or her (not just that they're using it).

Let me explain that.

Some people are using lines but are not true owners of such SIMs. Some bought already-registered SIMs. Some found their SIMs on the roads and became new users.

Some even registered the line but those who registered for them used different persons' passport photos or images during the capturing.

JAMB's reply to a student who used another person's SIM

In case you're not familiar, these and a few other anomalies had been unveiled when people lost their lines and they needed to get them back through the "WELCOME BACK" which has forced the networks to revoke the lines.

So, if for any reason you want to use another person's number/SIM, it makes sense to can confirm the true owner of that number.

Why The True Ownership Is Very Important

The reason this number must have been truly registered by the person you're borrowing from may include

  1. If you check your JAMB result through SMS, you will use the same line (though you can check online without SMS)
  2. If you want to register another JAMB in the future, you'll still use the same line to get the same profile code (even though if you have the code written somewhere, you can use it too)
  3. In fact, to change or get your JAMB portal password with SMS, you'll need the same SIM
  4. and for some schools that may want to offer you admission without choosing them in JAMB, they will contact you through the SIM
  5. Even JAMB and some schools may send SMS to inform you of transfer offers or admission offers through the same SIM
  6. In all, if the line gets lost, the person should be able to do its "welcome back" because you may need it again.


With the potential advantages of the SIM to be used for the JAMB UTME/DE, you will agree with me that you will have to be sure that you will have access to the line during and throughout the admission process.

And even though you can use another's line/SIM to get the profile code, you must be sure the person can always make the line available to you and be able to get it back in case of loss, damage, etc.

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