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JAMB Confirms Students Can Use Parents' SIMs

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I've shared a few places on this blog where you could use your parent's SIMs/lines to register JAMB. Even if the SIM belongs to a close family, it can be used. What matters is to have continuous access to SIMs if needed later for admission activities. It was actually noted that the SIM didn't have to be the one used for the NIN registration in the first place.

In a recent development, aspiring Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) candidates are facing unprecedented challenges during the registration process. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) acknowledged a unique constraint, shedding light on age-related restrictions affecting the purchase of new SIM cards.

The Tweet That Sparked Concern

On January 30, Twitter user Onuamah Ifeanyi Johnson (@jify_onu) raised an alarming concern via a tweet directed at @JAMBHQ.
The tweet outlined the predicament of a 17-year-old UTME candidate who was unable to register due to the network operator's refusal to sell a new SIM card based on age factors.

JAMB's Proposed Solution

In response to the raised issue, JAMB offered a potential solution through a tweet from @JAMBHQ.

The suggestion involved using a parent's or guardian's SIM card for registration provided that none of the candidate's siblings had previously used it on the JAMB portal.

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Evaluating Age-Related SIM Card Restrictions

JAMB's proposed alternative introduces the use of a parent's or guardian's SIM card for registration, with a crucial condition – it must not have been previously linked to the JAMB portal by any of the candidate's siblings. The unresolved question from Johnson's tweet – "What can be done in this regard?" – prompts a deeper exploration of potential solutions. Stakeholders, including JAMB, network operators, and regulatory bodies, should collaborate to address the broader issue of age-related restrictions impacting UTME candidates.

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