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If I Missed JAMB, Can My School Admit Me?

There are two ways to miss JAMB. Some missed the registration. Such candidates didn't meet up with the sales of PIN.

To gain admission, in this situation, affected candidates may need to opt for other mediums to seek and gain admission without UTME.

Another set of students are those who met up with the buying of PIN, and registered for JAMB but missed their exam schedules.

This set of students, with the look of things, should have some advantages over those who didn't register at all.

You registered but missed UTME, shouldn't you have hope that one of your schools of choice will consider you for admission?

This is the question that calls for this post.

Let's look into your fate if you missed your JAMB exam schedule and the possibility of being offered admission even though you missed UTME having registered and chosen a few schools.

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Once You Missed JAMB, You've Missed a Full-Time Programme Admission

If you missed UTME but insisted you still want to gain admission that year, you need to know that you can't achieve that on a full-time basis for the year again.

When you picked up the JAMB form, you're able to write UTME, if any institution offered you admission, such a programme was definitely on a full-time basis.

Hence, missing the UTME schedule for a year directly means missing a full-time admission for that year.

In other words, missing UTME won't stop you from gaining admission through other means without JAMB. Yet, not on a full-time basis.

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None of Your Schools of Choice Will Offer You Admission If Missed UTME

Having stated that the admission you seek through JAMB was for a full-time programme, none of your institutions of choice would offer you admission if you missed your JAMB schedule. 

Admission into any full-time programmes is based on the UTME score, O'level result and post-UTME/screening scores. Without the three, no school will offer you full-time admission through JAMB.

And since you've missed the UTME, which is the first requirement for full-time admission, you wouldn't even be able to partake in the post-UTME/screening.

Hence, it's smart to say, that since you missed UTME, your admission chase has ended there for the year. Try again next year or opt for other alternatives to JAMB admission.

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Your Schools of Choice or Any Other Can Offer You Admission With Alternatives

Yes, there are other means you gain admission without JAMB. So, missing your schedule is not the end of the road. There are options to leave home this year if you don't want your colleagues to leave you behind e.g. pre-degree. 

With pre-degree though, you'll obtain next year's JAMB and pass the pre-degree exam to be offered 100-level admission next year. The weakness of this perversity option is that while your friend who made it to campus with JAMB, this year, would be in 200-level, by next year, you'll be in 100-level if you pass JAMB and your pre-degree.

Luckily, if you're not satisfied with that, you can take advantage of options such as IJMB, JUPEB and similar diploma programmes.

You see, this will be the right take for you if you're smart and you're academically fit for the challenges. I won't deceive you, this option is best for brilliant students.

With IJMB, JUPEB and similar diploma courses, you'll spend about 1 year (with some diplomas 2 or 3 years). When done and passed, you'll obtain the JAMB direct entry form (which doesn't require writing JAMB). With this, your university will offer you admission into the 200 level in the second year.

As you can see, when your friend who makes it this year will be in the 200-level next year, you'll also be on the same level as he is. 


And if you prefer the daily part option, it's cool. Yes, some polytechnics offer admission without JAMB. This is usually called the daily part-time admission. Some call it direct admission without JAMB. Apart from the fact that it doesn't require JAMB, there is primarily no major difference between this and full-time admission to the same polytechnics.

Except for the Kwara State Polytechnic, which runs this programme for three years, generally, polytechnics run their DPT programmes for two years just like they run the full-time programme.

They do matriculation and convocation together. They attend lectures at the same time or a few hours apart. Some even lecture together. They go to NYSC just like their full-time counterpart (if their HND is done full-time).

Most universities run this programme too. However, most run theirs as weekend part-time. And with this option, there may not be NYSC and no daily class unlike those who go to the polytechnic daily part-time.

Luckily though, the Federal University Oye-Ekiti runs its part-time programme just like those in the polytechnic DPT. Daily class and NYSC ascertained!

Finally, if your university of choice or any other runs a distance learning programme, you should take a look. In fact, this option may give the space to work while studying at the same time.

University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun State, Ahmadu Bello University and its Affiliates, University of Abuja and very many others have such programmes.

You can study there just like their main full-time programme and still go for NYSC if you're within the serving age on graduation. And you don't need JAMB to start with.


Thanks for reading to this level. I'm sure you must have got the idea that JAMB is not everything. In fact, after chatting with a student about the benefit of the IJMB and JUPEB, she told me "People have been wasting their time with JAMB.

If you have the money and the appetite to consider any of the alternatives to JAMB, it may be better than waiting for another JAMB just because you've missed your schedule this year.

Who knows what could possibly happen next year? God forbid!

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