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What Happens If I Don't Submit My UTME?

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Some students wouldn't submit their JAMB UTME after the papers. For some, their time was up while there were questions not yet answered. For some, the computers shut down before completing the tests. For others, they were logged out after their time was out without allowing them to submit their exams.

If you fall into any of the above categories or your case is similar, what will be your fate?

JAMB Wants You to Voluntarily Submit Your Test With Confirmation

On a good day, candidates are expected to submit their tests themselves. This is the ideal situation. JAMB requires you to complete the exam, and check through all your chosen answers before submission.

This is why on the first click of the submit button, you will be prompted to confirm YES or NO (whether you want to submit really or you could have a change of mind).

However, there are situations that may warrant you not being able to submit yourself (as earlier noted).

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Computer Will Submit For You If You Can't Submit Yourself

Don't panic as your computer and the software have been designed in such a way that if for any reason you can't submit your UTME yourself, the platform will submit it automatically.

Let's say you complete the test but fail to submit by clicking on the Submit button, the computer will still submit for you.

Let's say you don't complete the test before your time is up, the network is interrupted or the computer shuts down, the computer will still submit for you what you had done so far.

That is as simple as you submitting the uncompleted test, by yourself, before you complete it. There is no rule of thumb that all questions must be answered before submission.

JAMB Won't Deduct Your Mark For Computer Submission

You might have heard that though the computer could submit the test for you, yet you would lose some scores to that. And you may be imagining that if you'd not been told.

That's not true.

JAMB will not deduct or penalized you for your inability to submit the UTME yourself. Whether you submit yourself or automatically by the computer, your mark won't be any different.

You're only scored what you got!

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You May/May Not Be Allowed For a Resit

In case this has not happened to you but you're imagining the worst, if your time is up and the computer submits for you, the CBT centre won't log you in again to submit. You can't log in yourself again as well to submit it. The computer will have to do the submission as earlier noted.

If your system shuts down or there is a network interruption or related technical issues during the UTME, provisions will be made by the CBT centre to allow you to continue your tests where it stops. They may make a new system available or quickly troubleshoot the one you're using. Here, they will help you to log in again and complete your tests.


Candidates should be aware that if they fail to submit their UTME before the timeout or due to technical issues, the computer is designed to handle the submission automatically.

And where the issue is technical, a CBT centre has the provision to allow candidates to resume where the test is interrupted. But if due to timeout, candidates should expect the results based on what they had already covered.

However, no sanctions or mark deduction of marks will be attached to not submitting yourself if you should be a victim.

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