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Other Admission Alternatives to JAMB Admissions

Steps to Gain Admission to Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges
This is the fifth and final part of the steps to gain admission into a  university, polytechnic, or college of education in Nigeria. If you’re interested in the previously covered parts, follow the links listed below.

Let’s go.

We’ve covered getting started with seeking admission, staying connected for updates, remaining focused on what matters, and taking open chances for admissions. Now, it's time to talk about falling back to other admission channels.

This part is the best for you if have been denied admission through JAMB. All hope is not lost if you can fall back on several other channels students are taking to gain admission every year. Reading my post, 4 Shortcuts Students Take to Gain Admission Which You Also Can Take Now will also open your eyes to leave home without following the overcrowded channels.

List of Other Means to Gain Admission Without JAMB UTME

Let me take you on a journey. Below is a list of other means to gain admission without JAMB.

  1. Direct Admission to Polytechnics/Daily Part-time Programme
  2. Part-Time Degree/Distance Learning programmes
  3. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)
  4. Schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health and Technology
  5. A’level Programmes
  6. Preliminary Courses – Predegree, Remedial, Pre-ND or Pre-NCE

Before you get confused, I had covered the meaning of each programme listed above in my post, “Missed JAMB CBT Exams? Exams Reschedule and Alternatives to Admission”. There, I gave you links to the schools offering them and the steps to follow to be offered admission.

Why You Should Take These Channels Instead of Waiting Another Year

Some candidates are so adamant to the extent that if JAMB has to win them for a decade, they will insist on gaining admission through UTME. This is not bad if you don’t have anything else to do with your time. But if you must leave home this year, you will have to consider other means of gaining admission without JAMB UTME.

Ask yourself these questions before you wait another year.

  1. What if I fail the next UTME too?
  2. What if I still have to go for other channels eventually?
  3. What if the school fees increase again, will my parents be able to afford it?
  4. What if I have to be given a course I don’t want eventually?
  5. What if the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) or ASUP goes on strike that cost me another year?

Let’s be frank with ourselves. If you’re not chasing the likes of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Law, etc, or if you can still consider any other course than these, it will be advisable for you to fall back on these means of gaining admissions.
And since you can still cross back to the university through the JAMB Direct entry form if you go for a school of nursing, daily part-time, IJMB or JUPEB, won’t it be wise to start somewhere?

Use Other Channels Given to You by Some Schools

From my experience, some universities will drop their students to other programmes or affiliated centres if not offered admission by the main campuses. In this case, you can be offered admission for the same course or a related one.

List of Schools that give other programmes or affiliated centres courses to their candidates:

  1. University of Ibadan (UI): The University usually gives admissions to candidates into their affiliated campuses or distance learning centre in Ibadan. During the post-UTME, UI will ask applicants to choose any of their affiliated degree-awarding centres as a backup should they’re not offered admission to the main campus. The university distance learning centres will also offer spaces to a few others. If you’re a UI aspirant, you should be on the lookout for these opportunities.
  2. Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA): The university opens its part-time degree programmes as a backup for its candidates. In this case, only those who meet certain cut-off marks (usually lower than the normal cut-off marks) in the post UTME will be offered this opportunity. Then, they are to apply (usually FREE) to their part-time degree centre.
  3. Federal Polytechnic Ede: The Polytechnic has recently posted their unlucky candidates in the post UTME for admissions into their Advanced Centre for Education. These non-admitted applicants for ND programmes will just receive an SMS to proceed with this ND awarding programme if they’re interested.


While making attempt to help you avoid staying home another year in this post, I’m not discouraging you from waiting if you know that will pay off in the long run. Remember either, any opportunity lost is never regained. Good luck!

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  1. Sir, national open university is it true that they are now for for service

    1. As at the time of this post, they are yet to be going for service. Yet, the law had been passed to allow them to do that. Some logistics must be put right before they can be allowed to serve at NYSC.

      I hope sooner, they will have the opportunity.

  2. Can i get into federal university with only waec and jamb result?

    1. Mostly, that's all you need to gain admission. Read the post below.



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