After Predegree, What Level is Next? -

After Predegree, What Level is Next?

Even though I've done some justice to answering this question in a few other posts, I see a need to expatiate for a few still-confusing students.

In the past, reference was made to this question in, "Predegree Admission: 10 Things To Know". But I didn't clarify the real area of confusion for very many students. 

Candidates that don't know what level will be next after a pre-degree programme in a university, polytechnic and college of education are probably those who have heard that if they went for A'level programmes such as JUPEB, IJMB, NABTEB, or Cambridge, they would be given admissions to 200 level and skip JAMB UTME and 100 level completely.

Now, they wish to know if the same is applicable to the pre-degree programme.

Will I be offered admission to 100 level after my pre-degree or it will be 200 level?

This post will answer your question and point to more related concerns.

Completing a Predegree Course Will Give You Admission to 100 Level

Irrespective of the university, polytechnic or college of education or course proposed, when you obtain a pre-degree, pre-ND or Pre-NCE form and run the programme for a period of about one year, on completion, you'll be offered admission into 100 level, ND 1 or NCE 100 level as the case may be.

However, as already being cleared in my post, "Does Predegree Guarantee Admission to a School?", going for pre-degree, pre-ND or pre-NCE programme doesn't generally guarantee admission to the 100 level, ND 1 or NCE 100 level.

This is because each pre-degree candidate is still expected to pass JAMB UTME and meet the cut-off declared by his or her school for the pre-degree candidates (which may be the same as or less than the cut-off mark required of those that didn't do the pre-degree programme).

It's safer to perceive a pre-degree course as a means to leave home, get yourself accustomed to a school academic environment and prepare yourself for the next UTME.

Want the 200 Level Admission After Predegree?

Of course, that's not possible. However, if you're eager to leave home and want to find yourself at 200 level by next year, you have a better option, only if you have what it takes to get there.

In order to start studying from 200 at a university (as this is not available to polytechnics and colleges of education), you can obtain an A'level or diploma programme form instead of a pre-degree form.

As to what I said, "only if you have what it takes to get there", A'level programmes are usually tougher than predegree. 

To give you one of the clues, predegree students are tested by the school and strictly based on what they were taught during the programme. Whereas, A'level exams are set by a central body such as IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge etc., where every student will be tested on the same topics whether covered by their schools and study centres or not. 

But as for the school-owned diploma programme, you will be tested based on the topics covered during the course.

The A-level courses are run for one year just like the predegree (even though usually not more than 9 months mostly) while a diploma programme may last two to three years. Among these A'levels are JUPEB, IJMB, NABTEB, and Cambridge. The form can be obtained at various universities offering Direct Entry admissions through these A'levels and other study centres.

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Diploma forms will be opened also by certain universities such as Federal University Oye Ekiti, Kwara State University Ilorin, etc.

After completing any of these programmes with a very convincing and competitive grade, you'll be required to obtain the current year JAMB Direct Entry form. This form will not require you to sit and write JAMB UTME.

You will only need to obtain the form, fill in your proposed course and university (which is usually the university (or affiliated) where you did the A'level programme or any other if wish). 

Then, you will partake in the post-DE admission exercise of the proposed university when the time comes. If offered is admission, you will be in 200 of your proposed course.

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If wishes are horses, beggars will also ride. Pre-degree courses won't give you an admission offer to 200. You're only prepared for the 100 level here. If you must skip 100 completely, your best take will be A'level and diploma programmes of various universities.

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  1. Please when it's predegree form for2022 coming out

    1. Most schools are selling them already. Check your interested school's portal for update and news.

  2. Please what school can I enter without jamb this year and how will I go about it

    1. You can try Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Daily part-time programme. See details through the link below.

      You can also check such offers through the links below.

  3. Please after the pre degree program, am i required to write jamb or just fill in the jamb DE form and partake in the university utme?

  4. Please is UNIOSUN pre degree form out?
    And if yes please how do I register?


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