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Can I Serve (NYSC) with ND Part-Time Plus HND Full-Time?

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A reader recently asked me a question. His concern was that if he could go for a part-time ND programme (e.g daily part-time or regular part-time), and while being admitted for his HND programme, he did that on full-time, would it be possible to still do NYSC?

I understand that the question needs to be broken down.

Here is it.

The guy has been advised to take part-time form. He didn't want to consider the option because he had heard or read it somewhere that part-time graduates were not allowed to serve (go for NYSC). 

Whereas, he was right about that.

He was then told that after completing his ND part-time programme, he could go for an HND full-time course instead of part-time HND. This, according to the adviser, would allow him to serve at NYSC.

So, here is the breakdown of his question.

  1. If you can't get admission through JAMB, can you consider a part-time form for the polytechnic National Diploma (ND) programme?
  2. If yes, will it be possible to obtain HND full-time form with your ND part-time result?
  3. And if yes, will you still be allowed to go for NYSC since your ND was on part-time and HND is full-time?

I Advise You Obtain ND Part-time If You Failed JAMB UTME or You Don't Write

I've been an advocate of part-time forms as one of the alternatives to gaining admission if JAMB is not favoring you. You don't need to waste more time since going for programmes such as the daily part-time (DPT/DPP) or regular part-time won't require you to attempt or passing UTME in the first place.

Although, for candidates to be admitted for such programmes now, he/she must not only obtain the part-time form but also register with JAMB under the category they called "JAMB part-time form". This doesn't require exams. Just register at the nearest CBT centres to have a valid JAMB registration number.

As for that part of the question, you're good to go.

You Can Cross from ND Part-Time to HND Full-Time

After completing your National Diploma (ND) on a part-time basis, it is allowed and possible for you to cross to a full-time course while obtaining a form for your Higher National Diploma (HND).

No laws or policies of any polytechnics will restrict ND part-time candidates not to obtain HND full-time forms. You can choose to go for a full-time or part-time programme at the HND level.

To obtain the HND form, you're only required to have done a-year Industrial Training (IT) programme. With this and the required ND grade (Distinction, Upper, or lower credit), your polytechnic or another should consider you for HND full-time course.

HND Full-Time Graduates are Generally Allowed to Serve

As to the main concern of this question, it doesn't matter if your ND programme is on full-time or part-time, once your HND programme is on full-time, you're qualified to serve at NYSC.

As earlier noted, you're right that part-time graduates are not serving (at least not yet). However, the primary basis for NYSC is not ND, but the HND programme. Therefore, once you come out with HND full-time, you'll be mobilized for NYSC.


If you want to consider a part-time programme at ND level and proceed to HND full-time programme, I can assure you that your NYSc is certain, provided you're within the serving age bracket of thirty-years (30).

Best of luck!

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