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My CBT Centre Disaccredited/Delisted: Will it Affect Me?

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Just recently JAMB discredited some CBT centres for several cases of abuse. Many candidates had registered with these scrapped CBT centres before JAMB suspended them.

The question is: Won’t that affect those candidates who registered with those CBT centres?

JAMB Threatens The Affected Candidates Who Register at Those Centres

JAMB has actually threatened not only to sanction those affected CBT centres but also candidates who registered with them. The board has earlier listed the accredited CBT centre on its website. However, some candidates still patronized those not accredited.

Looking at things, very many students were not aware they were dealing with the wrong guys until those centres were brought out for justice.

As a result, candidates are now worried they may have to lose hope in admissions for this.

JAMB Says You Won’t Be Affected If Your CBT Centre is Delisted

A few affected UTME/DE applicants had taken to JAMB's official Twitter page to share their fears that the suspension of these corrupt CBT centres affects their registration and admissions.

The reason for this was because of the earlier position of the matriculation board that it has earlier warned candidates to patronize accredited CBT centres only.

The board expressed its disappointment to find out that some applicants still went on to register elsewhere – especially those who were later caught to be using accredited CBT centre licenses. But they were not the originally approved firms for the registrations.

When a candidate asked if he has to worry about his registration and admission because of JAMB’s anger, the answer was warm.

Obviously, if you belong to this set of students who registered at non-accredited and delisted CBT centres, JAMB will not let that bounce on you.

Best of luck!

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