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Will Part-Time Students Do Matriculation/Convocation?

I've been receiving queries about the possibility of part-time students being matriculated just like full-time students. Similarly, some part-time aspirants want to know if they will do convocation/graduation ceremonies when they're done with school.

Needless to say, we all want to do matriculations as freshers when we gain admission to universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, or innovation enterprise institutions. This is believed to mean a successful and recognized admission stage/process. 

So also, when we complete our studies, even though it's mostly for reference purposes, convocation is what we generally look up to. After all, who doesn't want to wear the gown and hat to celebrate the landmark with families and friends?

The two ceremonies are regular and well-known for full-time candidates. Does the same apply to part-time candidates? Will they do matriculation? Will they do convocation or graduation ceremonies too?

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Admitted Part-Time Candidates Will Also Do Matriculation

Matriculation, being the welcoming party and a part of the orientation program by the management of an institution, for the newly admitted students, will also be organized for the part-time students at the point of admission just the same way it's organized for their full-time counterparts.

In most cases, the matriculation ceremonies of the part-time students are usually held together with their full-time counterparts, at the same venues, and on the same days. 

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On convocation

There is probably no way to establish that a particular school's matriculation is for full-time or part-time students - since it's held jointly. If announced, the school is mostly to state that the matriculation is for both full-time and part-time students (all admitted candidates, of course).

Even for a few schools, that use separate institutions, as study centers, matriculations are usually held at the mother (the main) campus. As a result, students, from the study centers, will be invited to be on the main campus for the program. At least on that occasion, all students will be on the main campus.

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Graduating Part-Time Students Will Do Convocation or Graduation Ceremonies

Just as in the case of matriculations, the convocation ceremonies, being organized for the full-time graduates, are also meant for the part-time graduates - without an exemption.

The basic thing is that, once you're a graduate of a university, polytechnic, college of education, etc., you're officially recognized and invited to the convocation/graduation ceremony.

In the same way, if applicable, the study center's candidates will merge with the main campus candidates for the convocation.


If your concern is that you may not be part of the matriculation or convocation of a proposed school, as a part-time student, you're absolutely wrong. Part-time candidates, just like their full-time counterparts, will take part, if organized, in the matriculation and convocation of their schools.

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