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If I Missed UTME Exam, Will JAMB Reschedule?

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A few students will miss UTME. In fact, some had missed it already. They're now finding ways out.

They want to know if JAMB will reschedule them for the exams. They want to know if they can just join candidates on another schedule to do their missed test. Is it allowed to do it with others if you miss your own day, date or time?

In this post, I will quickly run down what is possible and what is not if you miss your UTME schedule.

You May Be Safe If You Miss JAMB UTME Biometric Verification

The first activity before candidates would be allowed to enter for JAMB is the verification of their biometrics - checking their photocards, photos on the computer and their fingerprints.

This activity will prevent impersonation as the CBT invigilators will be sure that only the candidates who went for the UTME registration showed up for the exams.

If you missed the biometric verification, you may be delayed at the entrance for a few minutes as a punishment or before the verification officer could return to attend to you.

However, that won't require them to disallow you from taking the test. They will still allow you in especially if the period of missing the verification is NOT that much to the time the exam will end. 

In other words, if you get to the exams centre in just a few minutes to the end f the paper, they won't allow you in for the test. The time left for the exams should be enough for the exams to be taken before they can give you consideration.

JAMB Won't Reschedule You for Missed UTME

If you miss JAMB as a result of lateness to the exam centre, the board has no provision for a makeup test no matter the number of students affected.

Obviously, your missing the UTME wasn't the board's fault, why do you think, they should reconsider you for the exam?

Of course, in the past, JAMB has rescheduled candidates for UTME. But their reason for missing the test was due to the technical blunder by JAMB itself and/or the CBT centre (which must be known to JAMB). 

JAMB has changed the centres and rescheduled candidates in recent years. They can, this time, reschedule you if need be. But it has to be from their end.

Is All Hope Lost If I Miss JAMB?

As difficult as this might be to say or unfriendly to hear, if you missed your JAMB UTME day, you forgot, got to the venue late or similar other cases different from the technical ones JAMB was aware of, you might need to accept your fate.

JAMB, for that year, is missed and there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry!

Though JAMB is gone, yet you have other alternatives to gaining admission without JAMB. You may consider:

  1. Advanced Programmes such as JUPEB, IJMB etc
  2. Daily Part-Time such as FUOYE Week part-time, MAPOLY Daily PartTime etc.
  3. Schools of Nursing such as OAUTCH, FMC Ido-Ekiti, OGUN SON etc
  4. School of Health such as LAGOS SOH, OYO SOH, UI SOH etc


JAMB is so strict about missing your exam schedule. Once you miss it, it's over. You either wait another year or consider other non-UTME admission alternatives as detailed above.

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  1. Sir can I get a reschedule for my post utme date ? Or change of cbt center


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