As a Pre-degree Student, Do I Need JAMB Again? -

As a Pre-degree Student, Do I Need JAMB Again?

Must you write JAMB UTME with Pre-degree?
While answering some common questions predegree applicants may have, I covered this question as quickly as I could. If you check the page linked above, you'll find the answer there as directly as possible.

But the question of whether a predegree student will need to write JAMB UTME again before being offered admission keeps cropping up.

I want to repeat the answer here because nothing has changed since my last answer. Then, I will add more explanations to back my response so you’re not still confused after reading this.

Do You Need to Write JAMB UTME with the Predegree?

The answer is YES.

You must.

Several universities running predegree will still require their candidates to write JAMB because that’s the custom and the national requirment for a full-time admission.

Why Will a University Ask Predegree Students to Write UTME Again

Using common sense, I don’t see any need for universities to demand UTME, from their Predegree students. After all, they're their products and they've paid to be favoured in the admission. However, there is more to UTME than this.

Let me explain.

Every student needs a JAMB registration number. This is the very reason you must write JAMB. And if a school doesn't tell its candidates to write JAMB, how could they possibly get a JAMB registration number? 

Of course, it is possible, but institutions are not usually regularizing their pre-degree candidates through this. There are other reasons to do that.

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JAMB and Schools Are Jointly Now In Charge of Admissions

Yes, not ONLY your institution. JAMB also requires you to sit for UTME even though you're a pre-degree candidate

JAMB must have records of all admitted students in Nigeria.  That is the only legal admission. Otherwise, any other admission is illegal. The board must have evidence of your admission. Hence, you can’t cross this border without JAMB. 

With the introduction of JAMB CAPS, all admission must be monitored by JAMB. And JAMB has consistently warned candidates not to accept admission not given by the board.

JAMB Registration Number is Needed for NYSC

When you’re done in the university or polytechnic, you’re to be mobilized for NYSC.

The JAMB Registration Number will be needed for the NYSC mobilization exercise. Without it, no NYSC!

Do you now see why you can’t avoid writing UTME as a pre-degree student?

Some Universities Don’t Compulsory Passing UTME Though

If you go for a pre-degree course before chasing 100-level admission into your desired course, some universities will still favor you with lower marks in UTME.

For example, Ladoke Akintola University accepted 150 from her pre-degree candidates instead of 160 from others, during the 2018/2019 admission year. This may change for future admissions though.

The University of Ilorin is well known for giving special consideration to its pre-degree students if they perform below the cut-off declared for admission. Adekunle Ajasin can also be lenient with their pre-degree candidates during 100-level admissions.


Predegree is nothing more than a means to leave home for a higher institution these days. You can’t still avoid UTME and post UTME no matter your school. You will still need to take part in UTME and post UTME just like those who didn't attend the pre-degree course.

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  1. Good morning sir, my question is if I don't participate in 2021 exam, can I take predegree form for my preferred school then possibly take jamb 2022 form?

    1. If you just obtain a predegree form now, it is for the 2022 admission. Hence, it is the 2022 JAMB you need to obtain.

  2. Please will I need to pay acceptance fee as a pre-degree student after getting admission to my desired university?

  3. I wrote jamb this year and my score is 168 and I want to go for a pre degree will any university accept me

  4. I wrote jamb and Futa post utme this year(2022) but the post utme score isnt that high and their predegree form is still out...Do I need to take anoda jamb next year or I wld use this year's own

  5. If i didn't pass the cut off mark for nursing after writing jamb and post utme but my pre degree result was good..will i be given admission to study nursing in delsu?


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