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What is the Start/End Date to Print JAMB Result?

As soon as JAMB releases the UTME results, the first option, thousands of UTME candidates will turn to, is checking through SMS.

Some will not have access to their phone or SIM again. Hence, they'll be left with no other option than printing the original JAMB results.

So, when you see someone carrying the printout (i.e. original JAMB result), or you hear people talking about the printing of these results for the purpose of post-UTME/screening or for uses when offered admission, you may want to know when the printing will close.

When is the closing date for the printing of JAMB results? Does the printing of the original JAMB result have a specific deadline or a closing date?

Similarly, there is no doubt that after the SMS access, candidates will be allowed to print the results on their JAMB portals. But when, specifically, will the printing of the JAMB results start? Is it immediately after the board announces the release of the results or a few days after?


These and related concerns will be addressed in this post.

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Printing of JAMB Result Starts About a Week After the Release

To print your JAMB result, I advise you to wait a week or two, after the board announces that the results have been released. However, starting in 2024, JAMB has stopped printing the result online leaving the students only to checking their result via USSD or SMS.

Experience has shown that JAMB will make individual candidates' portals open and active within the first two weeks after releasing the results. And since the UTME results will be printed right on that portal, the waiting time is necessary.

After this period, log into your JAMB portal and navigate to the "Print Result Slip" section to pay for (about N1,500), download (in a PDF file), and print your result. That's method 4, in my post, "4 Methods to Check 2023 JAMB Results".

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Printing of JAMB Result Remains Open Forever

Yes, you read that correctly!

As soon as the UTME results are loaded online for candidates, whether you're in a hurry or not, you'll have access to your JAMB result whenever you need it.

In fact, you will have access to printing your result any time throughout that admission year i.e. till all admission lists of your school are released.

Even if you miss that, you'll still be able to print the result after that admission year. For example, if the JAMB result is for 2023, you can any time in 2024, 2025, 2026, and so on, log in to your portal and print your JAMB result.

Candidates, who have once printed but need to print again, years after (five times allowed per payment), can still log in to reprint as long as they can remember their login details (i.e. JAMB email and password to the JAMB portal).

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Evidence That JAMB Result is Printable Any Time You Want

There are cases, in the future, apart from using it to gain admission, where JAMB results will be required. This is one main reason JAMB leaves the results on individual candidates' portals to be accessed and used in the future.

  1. During the documentation, after being offered admission, some schools require the JAMB result (printout) for the screening.
  2. When doing clearance in your final year, some schools may ask their students to come with their JAMB results and/or JAMB admission letters.
  3. For the purposes of scholarship applications, some companies and bodies may ask for either the JAMB result/admission letters.

With these, apparently, the board will have no other choice than to let candidates have access to their portals and print results when needed.

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Printing Late Doesn't Attract Fees or Charges

One of the reasons you may want to rush to print your JAMB result is perhaps you're worried about the price increase or late printing fine or fees.

There is nothing like that!

As of the time of this writing, JAMB results will be checked and downloaded for N1,500 - officially. If you use the service of a café or CBT center to print, you may pay N2,500 including their service charge.

If you don't print now, and there is a need to print months or years later, the price remains the same. Though the price may increase in about 3 to 5 years depending on inflation and price review by the board. After all, some years ago, it was N1,000.


Curious to know when JAMB will load results online? The answer is within two weeks of releasing the result to the public.

And if you're concerned about the closing date for the printing of the result, it's never. As long as you can log in to your JAMB portal, you'll continually have access to the result if there is a need to print or reprint.

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