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6 Ways to Get Back Your JAMB Registration Number

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Let's talk about getting back a lost JAMB registration or Examination number. There are situations where admission seekers will need to use their JAMB registration or exam numbers and for the usual reasons, they might have lost or forgotten them.

It nearly never occurs to first-time candidates to memorize their numbers right after registering UTME/DE. And to begin any post UTME or screening registration, you will need this number. In fact, a few schools may ask you to fill a paper form with the registration number needed e.g The Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State.

What if you have forgotten or lost the JAMB number? What can you do to get it back?

This post gives you five methods to get back or retrieve your JAMB registration/exam number. Candidates who did regularization but couldn't receive their JAMB registration number should go straight to number 6.

1. Check the Email (Inbox/Spam) Used for JAMB

Each candidate used an email to register his or her JAMB UTME or DE. This may be during the JAMB registration. It's after you linked your email to the JAMB portal. If you've not done that, you need to follow the procedures in this post to link your email to the JAMB portal.

After that, you will need to log into that email to find your JAMB registration slip or profile details. It's attached to a message sent to you by JAMB immediately after the CBT centre submitted your UTME/DE application or after linking your email to the JAMB portal.

The JAMB registration number is on it, of course.

And if you've lost the slip, what you need is to log into your email. You might have got several messages after your JAMB registration/the linking, which will make it difficult to get or locate the JAMB message containing the slip.

Here, just locate the email search box and enter the keyword, "JAMB slip" and click "search" or hit "enter" on your device. Your email system will list the set of messages JAMB sent to you or containing the terms JAMB. Locate the one with the attachment (📎) or any JAMB message that entered the day you linked your email. There you have it. Click and download the slip. You will find the JAMB registration number on it.

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2. Use Your JAMB Phone Number to Reprint JAMB Exams Slip

Right on your JAMB registration or the exam slip, the JAMB registration number is written. For the registration slip, you're given this immediately before you left the CBT centre where you registered the JAMB UTME/DE.

But you might have lost that slip. I gave you how to get the lost UTME/DE registration slips back in my post, "Lost JAMB SIM/Line, Reg/Exams/Change Slip? Get it Back!".

If none of those methods work, you can still get your exam number right through this JAMB official link to print the exam slip. There, you will enter your PHONE NUMBER and click print exams slip.

A new window will open containing your exam slip. On this, you will find your JAMB registration and exam number.

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3. Use Your Email to Reprint JAMB Exam Slip

Similar to number 2 above, if you're out of luck to remember your JAMB phone number or lost it, you can use your email address to reprint the exam slip containing it instead.

After visiting the JAMB exam slip reprinting link, enter your email used for JAMB instead. This will also launch the exam slip window which will contain the exam or the registration number.

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4. Check the JAMB Change of Institutions/Courses Slip

If you had earlier done the JAMB change of institutions/courses, then given a slip confirming your changes, the JAMB registration number is on that slip too.

The slip is only given to those who change their choices detailing the institutions/courses and the new choices. With that at hand, your JAMB registration number is with you.

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5. Log in to Your JAMB Profile and Check Under CAPS

If you can log in to your JAMB profile and proceed to your JAMB CAPS, you should be able to see your JAMB registration number. You will only be able to log in to your JAMB portal after you've linked your email with that.

If you've not linked your email with the JAMB profile, you may not be able to log in to the profile or CAPS right away. Hence, do that first!

After that or if already done, log in and navigate to the JAMB CAPS section of the profile. Once you click on the Admission Status link under the CAPS, you will see your JAMB details such as above among which is the JAMB registration number.

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6. Regularize Candidates Can Contact JAMB to Get Their JAMB Registration Number

A post has been dedicated to the resolve issue of not getting your JAMB registration number after the board has approved your regularization.

The summary is that you will have to send a support complaint to JAMB by following the guide, "No JAMB Reg. Number After Regularization Approval?".

The support system will deliver your message and a support team will reply to you, usually within a reasonable period, with your JAMB registration number.


These are five quick methods to receive your JAMB registration or exam number. Consider using the one that is more convenient, fast, and clear to you. They all work. And if one doesn't, try the other.

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  1. Mr Tolani. I just found the registration number I used in school in 2005 and didn’t use it to register early this year. How do I incorporate the one I found to this new form?

    1. Your question was not clear. Break things down.

    2. Sunday Sheba @com24 March 2022 at 14:39

      Please sir I graduate from college of education jalingo 2016 and now I want to fill a de form ,so I was ask to provide my formal school jam registration form, but I have already
      misplaced it, how will I do sir

    3. Try any of methods. If it can work for you.

  2. pls i lost the number i use to register my 2016 jamb, i dont have the number againg and i dont remember rge password. pls is there a way i can get back the jamb regnumber?

    1. The possible methods, I know, you can use to get back your JAMB registration number are already covered in the post above. Read and understand.

  3. Please how do I recover my registration number for 2020 registration

    1. By following any of the methods listed in the post above

  4. I tried using my phone number and it did not work. And I also tried linking my email and it did not work.

    1. To link email, wait till after JAMB results are out. The platform should be ready fully by then.

  5. Hello Mr Tolani, when ever I login to caps and try to view my registration number it is masked. Examples: 75XXXXX90. I am not sure how I can get the unmasked number. Can you help?

    1. You can check that by check CAPS. Click the link to check the admission status under CAPS. Follow he guide in the post below.


  6. I lost my 14 digit for jamb how can I get it

    1. Follow any of the procedures in the guide above.

  7. Pls sir i got thumbprinted for jamb this year 2o22 but i wasnt given a registration number and am trying to reprint for the jamb to knw my center but its not working and its also not working with my phone number.pls what should i do

    1. You should go back to the CBT centre. They will reprint the registration slip for you. You can also request your registration number through the link below.


  8. Hello, pls i never had a jamb portal prior to enrolling for jamb regularization around August last year, i don’t have clue what my jamb registration number is, i just presented them with my previous matric number in my previous school, on printing my admission letter, I can’t because of my jamb reg number. I’ve tried all this means to no avail, caps says i can’t use this service, what else am i supposed to do pls??🙏

    1. During the JAMB regularization, they created a profile for you. That's your JAMB profile. If you don't know the password to that, check the inbox or spam of your email used for the regularization. If you can't do that, you can request for that by sending a letter to JAMB about your issue through the link below..


  9. Hello sir I’ve tried to get my slip from the jamb website but it’s not accepting my email

    1. You don't need email yet. Use either your JAMB registration number or phone number used for the JAMB profile code.


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