Is it True that No Payment at CBT Centre Again? -

Is it True that No Payment at CBT Centre Again?

If you have registered JAMB UTME or DE in the past, you should be sceptical if you hear that there won't be payment for CBT centre charges again.

Of course, very many candidates were aware that CBT centres usually charged N700 for their services if they want to register for UTME or Direct Entry.

For this year's  JAMB and the years after, are candidates still paying this money or there won't be such a fee again? Are all CBT centres' services now free? Is it illegal for CBT centres to charge admission seekers for services at the point of registration?

In this post, I will be clarifying a series of misconceptions about payments at CBT centres.

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JAMB Has Discontinued Payments For UTME/DE Registrations at CBT Centres

For any candidate to register, at CBT centre, for UTME/DE, the usual charge of N700 is now discontinued by the board. No more registration fees to any CBT centres at the point of registration.

This, of course, doesn't mean that candidates are not paying for the CBT centre service any longer. Nope! JAMB has included their N700 fee in the form's fee which candidates had already paid when obtaining their JAMB form/PIN.

This development started in the 2022 admission exercise. Before this time, UTME/DE form was N4,000 excluding the CBT centre's fee. Hence, to register at CBT centres then, you would pay N700 at the venue of the registration.

But for the 2022 admission year, UTME/DE form is N4,700. This means the CBT centre's charges had been added to the form's fee.

With what happened this year, it means, henceforth it's JAMB that will be collecting the fee on behalf of all CBT centres. The board will, at the end of the registration exercise, remit the fee to them.

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To Register UTME/DE, Buy the PIN Elsewhere and Take it to CBT Centre With No Further Charges

Now, all prospective admission seekers, through UTME and DE, are only required to generate their profile codes, use that to buy the JAMB PIN, take that to any CBT centre they want and use that to register for their JAMB WITHOUT spending any money at the centre used.

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CBT Centres Will Still Charge You For Other Services

Of course, CBT centres do more than UTME/DE registrations. Among other services that a CBT is officially permitted to do for candidates are:

  1. Change of institutions and courses
  2. Uploading of O'level results
  3. Linking of emails to the JAMB profile/portal
  4. Regularization of admission

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If you will need any of the above-stated services at any CBT centre, be ready to pay accordingly, at the point of registration.

Prepare the following fee for any of the services above.

  1. Change of institutions/courses N3,500 including the CBT center charge
  2. Uploading of O'level results N300
  3. Linking of Email to the JAMB portal/profile N300
  4. Regularization of admissions N5,000 or N8,000 depending on your own case


Even though JAMB UTME/DE candidates are not required to make any payment to CBT centers while registering for UTME and DE, their service is still being paid for directly through the fee paid for their JAMB PINs.

-However, with several other JAMB-related services candidates will seek at CBT centers, they're required to make corresponding fees.

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