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JAMB Marketplace Gives You Admission to Other Universities

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Have you heard about JAMB Marketplace admission? Did you know anything about the admission exercise called Marketplace on your JAMB profile/CAPS page? Is the admission in the Marketplace real? If yes, how do you deal with such an offer?

This post will answer your questions and shed some light on similar ones.

What’s JAMB Marketplace Admission

JAMB has introduced a means through which candidates can still gain admission into institutions they didn’t choose in UTME/DE. This is a medium for institutions that have spaces within their departments to invite candidates they deem qualified but didn’t choose them.

In most cases, JAMB will forward the lists of candidates who are awaiting admissions from certain schools (that are yet to consider them or may not eventually offer them admissions) to other institutions that are able to admit them with their marks in JAMB and grades in O’level.

Candidates are then left to accept such or reject.

How to Check if You Have Been Offered Admission on the Marketplace

Take the following steps to log into your JAMB profile and check marketplace admission status.
  1. Visit JAMB efacility or click https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./
  2. Login with your JAMB email and the password. You can reset your password if forgotten.
  3. Now, you’re on the dashboard. Click on the check admission status right below the page.
  4. On the next page, click Access My CAPS to the left (not Check Admission Status) to the right.
  5. On the next page, you will see some links to your left. Locate Marketplace. Click on that to see if any institution has offered you admission other than the one you’re expecting from. Change your view to Desktop if you’re using a mobile phone to check. This will help you see things completely and better than the mobile view.

What to Do If Offered Admission in the Marketplace

If offered admission in the Marketplace, your page will look exactly like the one below.

If offered admission in the Marketplace, your page will look exactly like this.

For your reference, the candidate in the picture above has sought admission into Ekiti State University (EKSU). In fact, she was sent a message by the school that she has been transferred to another course. She accepted the new course and did the change of course to that on the JAMB portal.

However, for weeks no good news. She was not eventually admitted by EKSU (at least not yet).

While waiting, she checked her Marketplace only to find out that Madonna University, Elele, Rivers State.

If she was interested in the school, she could accept the offer. If otherwise, rejected it.

If you reject this (one) offer, you can still be lucky to be offered admission by another institution through the same marketplace or the main admssion status.

What Next After Accepting Offer at Marketplace

Accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted. It simply implies that you have accepted to be considered for admission by the institution.

After the acceptance, you’re to be checking your regular admission status on CAPS. If eventually offered, you will need to do a change of institution to the school together with the course offered.

It’s after this, you will need to print the JAMB admission letter and the original result (you can reprint this if already printed). Take these to the school for further instructions and documentation.

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  1. Hi sir, Bowen has offered me an admission on my marketplace and I chose Eksu but Eksu has not started admitting. Sir, should if I don't reject the admission on my marketplace hope it won't affect my admission with Eksu

    1. If you reject it, it won't affect EKSU admission. In fact, if you accept it, it will block EKSU.

    2. Sir please I accepted to be considered for admission by bowen,but they have not admitt me yet they said it doesn't mean am admitted,am scared I don't know if it will block my school of choice

    3. Hi Sir, Have accepted an admission before due to some reason am not going to the school again but I used the same phone number and email to register again. Please what can I do

  2. Bowen university is offering me an admission which i rejected but it still appears there each day i log in to my caps market place... pls, does it mean that I didn't reject the offer properly cos i read that i can only reject an admission thrice from my market place and i don't know if it's in this case or for three different institutions.
    Is the institution going to clear off after each rejection or will it still remain there? Please help!!!

    1. It doesn't matter of the university keeps appearing in the Marketplace. Once rejected by a click, you're done. Don't worry about it again.

  3. Sir I already accepted to be considered for admission can I still reject it,since am not admitted yet.

  4. Sir, I choose Uniben as my first choice, but Wellspring University appeared on my Jamb market place and I accepted it, would this block any admission offer from Uniben?

    1. If offered admission, eventually by Wellspring, and you accept that, it will deprive you UNIBEN admission if at all you merit that.

  5. I mistakenly press accept button while admission HV not been given to me do i affects my admission

    1. NO. You can't accept admission that's yet to be given.

  6. Sir I accepted bowen's university's marketplace offer and I applied Fuoye pls will it deprive me of admission into Fuoye?

    1. When you accept Marketplace admission, you will be expecting admission form the new university instead of the one you chose before.

    2. What if I was able to reject it before fuoye starts giving admission?

  7. I did not accept nor decline the offer in market place.. hope it won't block the offer from the normal university I choosed. Or I need to reject the offer

    1. It's better rejected. If it shows again, the rejection is already done.

  8. Sir I choosed unilorin direct entry student had 8 point, choosed biochemistry, on jamb caps unilorin have started givin some de student admissions but mine still shows not admitted why is it like tha hope everything is well with my admissions?

    1. If you merit the admission, the university will offer you eventually. If otherwise, it may mean the 8-point is not enough for the course.

  9. Hi Sir, Have accepted an admission before due to some reason am not going to the school again but I used the same phone number and email to register again. Please what can I do


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