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JAMB Portal Still Shows Old Choices I Changed From

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Or put in another way, "JAMB portal is not showing my new changes but the old choices instead".

Sometimes, you change institutions and/or courses at the CBT center, but on checking the JAMB portal, to see your choices, you still meet your old choices instead of the new changes.

This is what I mean. You did the change of institutions and/or courses and the CBT center gave you the change of institutions/courses slip. On this paper, you have the new changes, but on the JAMB portal, after logging into the CAPS, are the old choices you've changed from. Why? What to do about it? Does it matter?

If this has happened to you, you're about to see why you're still seeing the old choices on your JAMB portal instead of the new ones. You will learn if this will affect you or not and what to do about it to make the new changes show on your JAMB portal instead.

JAMB System Is to Be Blamed For Not Showing Your New Changes on the Board's Portal

Changes in institutions/courses should reflect on your JMAB portal immediately after the online submission.

I've claimed, in, "How Long It Takes Change of Inst/Course to Reflect", that once a change of institutions/courses was made and submitted, you should see that reflecting on your JAMB portal, IMMEDIATELY.

Yes, that still remains the truth. But why are you still be seen the old ones on your JAMB CAPS?

The board's system is lately delaying the display of the new changes on the JAMB CAPS (especially the correction of institutions and/or courses)

Even though this may not affect all students who recently made changes, a few students claimed their choices were still showing on the CAPS instead of the new choices. I've seen that too!

So, what to do about it?

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JAMB Has Given You the "Refresh" Button to Help

Since the board was aware of this technical itch, its frustration to the intending students, and how dangerous it could be, it has included, on right sections, of the JAMB CAPS, for students to handle the issues themselves.

They give you a link/button, "refresh" right below your choices page. You can see this refresh button if you scroll up to the bottom of the page of your choice. I called this the first thing to do if you ever change your institution/course and it's applicable to all concerned candidates.

Click on this button and the new changes will show instead of the old choices.

If You Still Have Your Old Choices Instead of The New, It Will Affect Your Admission

If you're aware but never click on the refresh button or you're not aware at all, in the end, it will affect your admission.

In fact, it'll deprive you of admission.

Yes, it's not your school's fault. Your school will check its own JAMB CAPS to see if you chose it as the first choice before you could be considered for admission.

If the official checks and can't find you, except they can contact you, which I doubt, and ask you to go and do the refreshing thing or tell you about not seeing you on the school's list, you'll be deprived of admission.

In fact, it will be wise for all students, who change institutions/courses to take note of this issue. Once you do the change of institutions/courses, it'll be proactive if you just log in to your JAMB CAPS, check "My Choices" and see if the new changes are truly showing. Otherwise, click on the "Refresh" Button to solve tackle this devil.

A Case Study With Osun State State College of Technology, Esa-Oke

One of my students changed institutions and courses to the state-owned polytechnic.

After that, he registered for its online form (screening) and proceeded to the physical screening. With him, for the physical screening, were the change of institutions/courses slip and the original JAMB result, both showing that the student had truly changed to the polytechnic.

However, when it was time to offer him admission, the school officials could not see him choosing them from their end.

Luckily for him, he has an insider who told him that the management could not offer him admission because they're not seeing him on its JAMB list.

He rushed to me and told me about this. I saw the change of institutions/courses slip (evidence 1) and the original JAMB result (evidence 2). But why?

I logged in to his JAMB CAPS and navigated to the "My Choices: section. Here we saw the JAMB portal still showing the old choices. That's the Pharaoh!

We clicked on the "Refresh" button. Bingo!

We immediately called his inside man. The man got back a few minutes later that his information was now showing to them in their own JAMB list.

And congratulations to him in the end.


This thing is hunting and hurting most admission seekers. Except they're aware of this, they'll be derived admissions even if they merit them. How many students will be called by schools about this mess? How many aspirants will have insiders to update them?

Wishing you luck!

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