Email Linked Last Year, Do I Need to Link This Year? -

Email Linked Last Year, Do I Need to Link This Year?

No one should remind you how important it is to link email with the JAMB portal if you've done JAMB in the past years.

Some candidates have not tried the admission last year or the year before without being admitted. During the last try, they linked their emails. Now, they're trying for this year again. Will they need to link their emails to the JAMB portal again?

Similarly, some students were admitted last year but wanted to try admission into other schools or courses this year too. Back then, they linked emails to their JAMB portals. Now, will they have to link the email again?

In this post, let's address this concern.

Linking of Email to The JAMB Portal is One-Time Activity

With the system the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is adopting for the past few years, the linking of email to the JAMB portal is only required in the lifetime of any student in Nigeria.

Since 2020, any profile created for a student will remain useful and unchanged as long as he is seeking admission or after.

Let me explain.

The new system gives every admission seeker one NIN (which can't be changed). It's the same NIN that will be used to generate the JAMB profile code (which can't be changed too). And finally, once an email is linked to this profile, it can't be changed too.

As a result, once you link your email to the JAMB portal once, you've linked it to your JAMB profile and NIN.

If you must process admission in the following years, it's the same profile that you're using. Hence, the same email. This is why you won't need to relink the email to your portal.

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As You Don't Have To Relink Email Another Year, You Can't Change the E-mail Too

Having established that you don't need to relink your email to the JAMB portal if it has been done a year or a few years ago, you must also know you can't change the email.

A few students will want to consider the possibility of relinking their emails just to change the emails. They must have lost access to the emails or the emails were not even correct or functional. Then, they think if they can create new emails, they can just link them again.

Changing your linked email was not possible in the year of your first or second JAMB, it wouldn't be possible for any year after that. 

In short, you're tied to an NIN which ties you to the same profile (code). And when linked with email, you're tied to that email too.


Contrary to your thinking or any information you might have heard/read, I have evidence, as detailed in the post, that you're not required or allowed to relink email to the JAMB portal every year as long as it's once been done.

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