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Problems Paying on JAMB Portal, Change of Data, Result and Letter? Solutions

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Did you just pay for the JAMB form or any other JAMB activities that involve payment but you’re not given value for the money you paid? You’re not the only one in this state. Most candidates have sent me a series of questions. Let’s look at some cases:

  1. I paid for the JAMB form online but I was not given the PIN for my registration.
  2. I paid for my change of institution charge of N2500 at a bank. But when I returned to the JAMB profile, the payment did not reflect. What can I do with that?
  3. I made payment for my admission letter N1000 online but it did not show that I have made the payment. What should I do to print my JAMB admission letter?
  4. I paid for JAMB regularization at a bank. When I log in to my profile, it is still asking me to make a new payment.
  5. I paid for my JAMB original result online. My bank account was debited but it did not show that I made payment in my profile.

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This is a challenge many candidates are facing while making payments for JAMB stuff online or at banks.

But if you look at the situations above, you will notice the problem is generally the same and it is about the payments not REFLECTING BEING MADE.

Note that for any of the problems above, you follow the same approach. This guide will help you with payments for the following:
  1. JAMB UTME form payment
  2. Original JAMB Result
  3. JAMB Admission letter
  4. Change of Institutions/Courses
  5. JAMB Regularization or Late Admission Regularization

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How to Make JAMB Payment Reflect After Payment at Bank or Online

If you’d made the payment online i.e through using your ATM card, be sure first that your bank account has been debited before expecting any reflection.

If you make payment at a bank, be sure that the attendant confirms it that he or she has successfully made the payment. Where available, request for payment receipt or print-out (Remita). See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.

With that said, follow the guide below to reflect your payment so as to print your original result, admission letter, or continue with the change of institution/course or regularization.

The screenshot showing payment status and how to revalidate.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Log in to your JAMB profile. You will need to access this with your profile email and its password
  2. When you’re on your dashboard, locate “My payment” at the bottom right.
  3. On the resulting page, locate the payment narration that corresponds with the RRR you paid with.
  4. Click on the “Get Status” after the RRR
  5. By now, your payment should be successful and reflect.
  6. After this, check if you can now continue with your activity – be it JAMB form, change of institution or course, JAMB regularization, admission letter, or result.

If the above doesn’t work, it could just be temporary portal issues with the body. Give it some hours, return to the portal and retry.

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Payment for JAMB form Through Interswitch

Apart from the payment for the JAMB form (which can be made through Interswitch and Remita), all other payments are strictly through Remita.

When you use Verve Card for JAMB form payment, you're more likely to buy your PIN through Interswitch.

If a value is not given after paying for the JAMB form through Interswitch, locate the option “Requery” to reprocess the payment. This should revalidate your payment and give you the PIN or value for the payment.

If the Requery option is not available, please wait a while – until it’s made available.

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  1. Pls have paid for 2019 change of institution/course with Remita and is bringing Approved but not used in my payment platform,and can't still change to my preferred institution and course. Please help me out

  2. I pay modify app data but I can't be able to make the corrections

    1. You can do correction of data by yourself. After the payment, go to CBT centre or JAMB office.

    2. Its d same issue here i had paid already but unable to change

  3. Pls we that wrote mpcjamb what is our faith on applying De because the regularization is not going for now

    1. You can register UTME first and later convert that to DE if you can't wait

  4. I have paid for my change of course but I haven't received my otp code

  5. I paid for jamb original result slip d payment showed pending initiated, but now I was just debited twice so what do I do now

  6. My payment is still showing pending for more than a week now and uniben has given me a two weeks deadline or they revoke my admission. What should I do pls sir

    1. If it's pending, click the corresponding link to check the status. If it's still the same, it means the payment was not successful. Hence, make another payment.

  7. I made payment for admission letter, and i have been debited but it is not reflecting that my payment was successful, it's been two days now, and i really need it cleared now. Thanks for your anticipated help.

    1. If it's pending, click the corresponding link to check the status. If it's still the same, it means the payment was not successful. Hence, make another payment. If already debited, complain to your bank.

  8. I mistakenly tapped "reset for new payment" ..I paid for jamb reg number...will it affect me anyway?

  9. Please i did my regularization and I've been notified. My jamb admission letter have been changed but when I tried printing out original jamb result, nothing was changed why?

  10. Pls am seeing payment initiated instead of approved in my change of insurance, what could be the issue.

    1. Nothing is wrong with that if the payment was later successful and you're bale to complete your registration.

  11. I paid for admission letter three times and two was approved, which I only want to make use of one

    1. Sorry about the situation. You ought to have followed the guide in this post to avoid paying several times for the same item.

  12. Please, the payment for changing of institution did not go and am not seeing it under payment. I tried again but the portal is saying that "correction can only be done with few times with separate payment". Please what is the solution.

    1. Don't bother to make payment yourself. Go to JAMB office or CBT centre for any correction. They will pay for you there.

  13. Please I need help 😭
    I went to the bank to pay for uniziks post UTME registration n after I took the remitta to the bank,the payment was successful ,I even have the evidence of payment (receipt)
    Since Wednesday I payed for the registration ,it have not yet reflected 😭
    It's four days now and it have not still reflected.
    Please what can I do?

  14. I paid for utme to d.e conversion and change of institution since last month but is still pending I don't know what to do

    1. Go back to where you paid money. They will guide you.

  15. Please is it only at jamb accredited centres one can do correction of data(change of institution/course of choice)? because I have been trying it by myself on jamb portal since Sunday last week using my PC but to no avail - it doesn't even allow me proceed to the part I'd be asked to make payment or something. It just keeps taking me back to my dashboard home once I click on 'change of institution/course correction'. Please can anyone assist? Is it a general problem or there is something I'm not getting right?

    1. Just got to the nearest CBT centre and leave the rest to them.


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