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After Changing Institutions, How To Know If It Has Reflected

How To Know If Your Names and Details Have Reflected on the School Portal
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Some candidates had called or messaged me to know how they can check if their names and details have reflected on the school they just changed to. By this, I mean what is the next step to take to confirm if the change of institution has reflected on the new school's portal?

We all should know by now that, once you do the change of institution, there are activities to expect after that. As listed below:
  1. You do the change of institutions on the JAMB portal
  2. JAMB forwards your details to the new schools
  3. The new schools update your names and details to the school post UTME or admission portals to enable you to register for the Post UTMEs or screenings. 
  4. Then, you register for post-UTMEs or screenings.

I detailed more of this in my post, After changing of Institution, What Next?

But the question is, after JAMB might have sent your information to the school, how will you confirm if your details have got there or if it has been updated on the school portal or better put, how will you know if it has reflected?
Well, it's a simple explanation and thing to do. But before then, we have to clear some misconceptions first.

Not All Schools Need Changes to Reflect Before You Can Register their Post UTMEs

Some institutions make things easier for their applicants. They allow you to register for their post UTMEs immediately you're done with the change of institution. In other words, they don't wait for JAMB to send any details before they allow you to continue with your post UTME registrations.

I detailed those who allow this and those who don't in my post, "Can I register for Post UTME the Same Day I do Change of Institutions?"

Therefore, if you happen to change to the schools in this category, don't wait for any reflections before you do you post UTME or screening registration.

Be Sure Your Schools Wait for JAMB Details Before Post UTME Registration

Having said that some other schools will wait for your details to arrive at the school and update them to the school portal before you can register, you must be sure you know if your school belong to this category. The likes of OAU, UNILAG, UNIBEN, ABU, UI, UNILORIN, to mention a few, use this method.

If you belong here, you must continually be checking the schools' portals to know when you're active on their databases. After then, you can continue with your registration.

How To Know If Your Names and Details Have Reflected on the School Portal

Follow the steps below to check if you can now register for post UTME after your changes have reflected.
  1. Visit the school admission portal. For example, FUNAAB admission portal is Getting to that page, you will see a space to enter your JAMB registration. This same applies to all other similar schools.
  2. Note that your JAMB registration number is the first thing this set of schools will ask you to enter to match your details in their databases.
  3. If you enter your JAMB registration number and log in or proceed and it enters, then, your data had been sent and updated on the school's portal/data. If otherwise, it means you have to check back. This may mean your details have not been sent or it might have been sent but not yet updated by the school.
  4. If your details are not yet sent or not yet updated, for instance, the University of Ibadan portal will complain "Login failed. Incorrect Login Credentials.",  Federal University, Oye Ekiti will say, "Invalid Access Credentials. You have 2 attempt(s) left", Federal University of Abeokuta will say, "Sorry 90887176AD is NOT in our JAMB list of qualified candidates who picked FUNAAB as First Choice Institution.", Ahmadu Bello University will say, "Invalid JAMB no or state of origin"
  5. In all cases above, while it may mean you wrongly entered your JAMB registration number or candidate's details, it may also mean your data had not reflected on the school portal. Hence, you won't be allowed to register your post UTME until it does.

What To Do Next If Details Are Yet to Reflect?

No need to panic. You will need to continually be checking back through the admission portal of your proposed schools. This may take a day or week or even more before it reflects. It all depends on how swift your school is at updating their portal for new changes.

I detailed how long it takes the change of institution to reflect here. Take a look!

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  1. I want to do of institution to UNN HOPE it will reflect on the school portal


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