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Given Admission by A School You Didn't Choose? See Why and What To Do (2020/2021 Updates)

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What Candidates Must Do If A School Gives Them Admissions Without Choosing it in JAMB

Some applicants may still wonder if it is possible to be given admission by the school without choosing it in JAMB UTME whether through UTME registration or change of Institution/Courses Exercise. It’s possible.

I will explain below and give you guidance on what you should do if you fall to this category of admitted applicants.

The Possibility of Being Given Admissions by School Not Chose in JAMB

I have covered a similar case before now. For instance, my post, “What to Do if Another/a Strange School Gives You Admission on JAMB CAP" is the direct opposite of this topic.

In the case of that post, a school you didn’t choose in UTME offered you admission on CAPS. If I’m not into education consulting, I will argue it is impossible too. But it’s really happening. If you want to know what to do, click the link above and enjoy.

The case above may mean that you chose the school earlier but later changed. But they still notwithstanding gives you admission on JAMB CAPS. It may also mean that school is just your 2nd or 3rd choice but you want the admission from 1st choice instead.

Now, let’s see a case of a school that opens its admission forms to all UTME candidates whether you chose them in JAMB or not. In other words, some schools do not care whether you chose them in JAMB or not. They may not even instruct you to do the change of institution to them. Yet, they will ask you to obtain and take part in their post UTME exercises.

Read: Can I Do Change of Institutions/Courses Twice? See Answer.

Then, they give you admission on their portal.

Here comes the question. What should you do now that you have been offered admission by the school you didn’t choose in JAMB?

The answer is simple. Congratulations on your admission. The next thing to do, before the school instructs you to, proceed to do the change of institution/course on the JAMB portal.

This was what you ought to have done before you obtained the school post UTME (since you didn’t pick them from the beginning). But it’s not late yet unless you’d earlier changed schools and/or courses twice already.

A Case Study
Recently, some schools such as Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), Federal College of Education, Oyo Special, etc opened their post UTME to all UTME applicants whether you chose them in UTME or not.

LAUTECH gives admission on the school portal to those applicants who didn't choose them UTME. Special Oyo instructed their applicants to change them to the first choice before they can see their admission status on JAMB CAPS.

LAUTECH were yet to be instructed to change to them in the JAMB portal though, yet it's a must for every one of them to do this.

Visit your JAMB profile and pay N2,500 for the change of institution/course (excluding Remita charges) See How To Make Remita Payment at Bank and Online: Quick Guide.

Already Changed Institutions/Courses Two Times?

If you find yourself in this case, you know you can’t change the third time. Right? But there is a way around this. Then, there’s no need panicking. Kindly read my post, “How to Change Institutions/Courses the Third Time. See Guide!

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