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Another School Gives Admission on JAMB CAPS: What to Do!

This is the JAMB CAPS interface.

It is common, lately, that candidates seeking admission are being offered spaces in different schools other than the ones chosen in UTME. In other words, when applicants check their admission status, they see completely different schools other than the ones chosen in JAMB, change to, or the ones they are expecting admission from.

A related situation is when you actually chose a school but you preferred admission from another one. For example, you chose a university and a polytechnic in JAMB. You might have actually attempted the two schools’ post-UTMEs.

However, you preferred admission from the university instead of the polytechnic and vice versa.  You knew, with your performance in the university’s post-UTME that the school should give you admission but unfortunately, you got an offer from a polytechnic you prefer least, or a private institution for that matter.

Then, what should you do in this situation?

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Why You Can Be Offered Admission By a School You Don't Choose or Want 

First, let’s see why you can be offered admission to a strange institution.

You didn’t choose a school but when you check your JAMB CAPS, you see it offering you admission. This is possible. Another case is, a school may send an SMS or email to you that you've been offered admission. And you're wondering if this is a real or fake offer.

JAMB usually gives access to students’ data to schools that have spaces for admission seekers whether they chose them or not. Such schools will then see if you meet up their entry requirements. If you do, they can offer you admission.

If you chose two schools and you’re expecting admission from one of the two. The one that is faster can offer you admission in order to win you over the other competing school.

In either case, below is the guide to follow. 

Reject Admission from a School You Don’t Want

If offered admission by a school you don’t want, you should reject it. This gives room for another school to propose to you its offer. Especially, if you're expecting admission from another school with a high degree of certainty that the latter will offer you admission eventually, rejecting the former's admission should be rational.

Before you reject an offer, be sure that the school you’re opening up for will definitely offer you admission. For if you reject the offer, and the other school doesn’t admit you eventually, you’ve just signed in for the next year's UTME.

On two terms, you can be sure that the other school will offer you admission, if:

  1. You have participated in their post-UTME or screening and you already met the cut-off mark for your proposed course
  2. A lecturer, professor, or someone in charge of admission has guaranteed you that you will be offered admission by the school based on your performance or connection.

In the absence of the above, don’t risk things.

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But I’ve Already Accepted it, What Can I Do Now?

This is equally common. It just happened to a candidate seeking admission to Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke but already offered admission by Abraham Adesanya College of Education.

The candidate actually applied to the two schools. Not knowing the implication, he accepted that of the college on JAMB CAPS.

The admission office at the Polytechnic could not offer him admission again unless he can do the following.

  1. He will have to visit the College of Education and ask for a Rejection of the Admission Letter
  2. The Admission Office will issue this letter
  3. He will take it back to the polytechnic and present it to the admission officer
  4. This office will forward this to JAMB - along with the candidate’s information.
  5. It will be contained in their own letter that the candidate prefers them over the other school.

That’s it.

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As a matter of fact, you don’t know this situation can arise until you or someone around you falls victim. But this shouldn’t pose any threat if you know how to go about it.


If you receive admission from another school on JAMB CAPS, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Decide which offer to accept: You will need to decide which school's admission offer to accept. Consider factors such as the reputation of the institution, the quality of the program, location, and any other personal factors that are important to you.
  2. Decline the other admission offer: If you have received admission from another institution, you will need to decline the admission offer on JAMB CAPS. To do this, log in to your JAMB CAPS account, click on "reject the admission," and follow the prompts.
  3. If you're not sure of your most preferred institution, don't reject the offer except you're set to risk the year

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  1. Sir I have a connection in unizik,but I did not change to the institution because it was too late,pls sir what is the possibility that aw be offered admission

    1. I'm not sure they can offer you admission without choosing or changing to them.

  2. Pls sir the course on my transfer approval platforms is different from the course the school gave me what should I do

    1. It's the school that transferred you. So, that the course they wish to give you.

  3. Pls sir am waiting for esut admission list which is yet to be out and a polytechnic at ibadan i didn't apply for offered me admission,am confused

    1. Don't be confused. The reason for that and other things are already discussed in the post above.


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