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Offered a Different Course in JAMB CAPS? What To Do

There are a series of unfamiliar issues you can encounter while seeking admission. Especially with JAMB now giving admission through a coordinated system called CAPS. One of such problems is when a school gives you admission into a course you didn’t choose during UTME registration or change of institutions/courses exercise.

Imagine being lucky to be offered admission under JAMB CAPS but you later discovered that the course given was different from the one you’re longing for. Then, a message stated that you have to accept the course and make a change of course or your admission could be revoked after two (2) weeks.

Yes, you read it right. Some candidates had been offered other courses than the ones they initially applied for.

If you find yourself in this situation, what does it mean and what should you do immediately?

Why Was I Offered a Different Course from the One I Applied for?

There are basically two reasons for this.

  1. Your school of choice didn’t have enough spaces to accommodate more applicants for the course you wanted. Hence, they resolved to offer you a new (usually related) one.
  2. You didn’t meet up the requirements for the course you initially chose. You might have had one or two limitations in your JAMB score, Post UTME score, or your O’level grades. One of these may lead to being offered a different course.
This is a sample message for applicants offered another course

What to Do Next?

Accept the Offer and Make the Change of Course

This is what most wise applicants will go for. Especially if you don’t have any admission hope from another school and you can still do well at the new course given.

After that, you’re required to effect the change of course in your JAMB profile. The Change of course should be done on the JAMB portal strictly (except your school instructs otherwise).

Note that the change will cost N2,500 excluding the Remita CBT center service charge.

After that, recheck your admission status on your JAMB profile dashboard. It will now reflect the new course. Then, proceed to print the JAMB admission letter.

One usual question is, can I still do the change of course after a two-week ultimatum given by JAMB?

The answer is YES. The purpose of the ultimatum or deadline is to get you to take action as soon as possible.

However, you don’t have any reason to delay things. Hurry up!

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Reject the Offer and Open Up for Others

JAMB has said it all. You can reject the admission offer if you don’t want it and open yourself up for another school to offer you space.

You have to be careful here though. If you reject the admission offer without the certainty that another institution will chase you, you may lose out this year. But if you’re sure you merit admission to another school (usually chosen as the first choice, passed their post UTME, and beat the cut-off mark), then you may reject it.

See: What JAMB and Schools Do When you Reject Admission on CAPS

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  1. Pls I already printed my admission letter already what should I do about it

    1. I've answered this questions a few posts before.

      Copy the following links to your browsers and read the posts.

      You can find guides on what is next after printing admission letters.


  2. How is Direct Entry points been calculated.

    1. Each school reserves the right to decide how to admit candidates. They is no general rule of thumb.

  3. Pls what is the reason why my admission status is showing "please supply Registration Number".

  4. In my own situation I was given another course on by my school and has reflect on my jamb portal. But the course I did in school is different from what I have in jamb. I was told to do regularization I did so and print admission letter though no approval that y regularization has been approved. Currently on my jamb admission letter I have political science and i read mass communication.pls if I apply for change of course now how many day will it reflect on my admission letter?

    1. Please, speak to your school admission officer.

  5. I was offered admission on the JAMB CAPS for a course I didn't apply for, change to, ask for and I do not like- Microbiology.

    I want to still wait on the course I applied for- Medicine&Surgery, because my score is good for Catchment area admission.

    In the circumstance, what should I FORMALLY/ADMINISTRATIVELY do to the Microbiology admission offer on the JAMB CAPS PORTAL so as to remain in Medicine&Surgery and benefit from Catchment area admission for Medicine&Surgery.

    1. It's was the school that university that transfers you in the first place. Their reason for that is best know to the management.

      Once transferred, they have decided not to give you the first course.

      However, if you reject the offer, you have just decided to let go of admissions for that year form the same school.

      And if you think of rejecting after accepting, it doesn't work that way. You ought to have done that as soon as you saw the transfer notice.

  6. I was given admission to study radiography but I applied for medicine and surgery. I am a direct entry applicant and the transfer approval shows accepted when I did not accept it neither did I get any notification that I was transferred.. please what do I do

  7. I was given another course by the school and jamb gave me another what do I do

    1. You will go to school and let them know this. More often, the school will likely change to what JAMB gave you.

  8. My jamb caps was previously showing admission in progress and after accepting a transfer approvals and going for change of course it changed to not admitted why sir

    1. That's a rear situation. Can you send a complaint message to JAMB through the link below.

    2. My jamb caps is showing another course why my school is showing another course,what should I do before the admissions start

  9. My problem is that I applied for microbiology with my NCE result and jamb gave me the course I applied for but the school change my course to biology education. that they don't offer people with NCE microbiology what will I do now please

    1. You will accept Biology education if you won't mind and continue with your studies. Before your NYSC, your school will instruct you to correct the admission (regularization). That will change JAMB's admission to Biology education too.

  10. I am a direct entry applicant. I choose microbiology when I was obtaining the DE form. And I later change it to computer science both on jamb portal and school portal. But my school gave me microbiology, I went back to check my jamb portal i sàw microbiology and change it to computer science. Jamb gave me microbiology and I was told to do change of course to microbiology again before I can print my admission letter. Can I do change of course to computer science after printing that of microbiology sir.

    1. The course given to you by the school should be the same as that given to you by JAMB

  11. Good afternoon sir
    Jamb gave me biochemistry but school gave me public health although when jamb gave me biochemistry I went to do change of course to the one the school gave me
    What will I do


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