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Will I Be Offered Admission if I Change Institutions?

Candidates who Changed to New Schools Will be Offered Admission
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One of my readers asked, “Sir if I change my institution and course, will the institution give me admission or not”.

Surely, he was afraid perhaps if he changed to another school, the new school may not eventually offer him admission.

A lady also visited my office to ask the same question. In her words, “somebody told me that I wouldn’t be offered admission because I didn’t choose the new school from the beginning”.

If you get the point, you will notice this pattern of confusions as below.
  • The new school will know I changed to them, hence I don’t stand a chance
  • The new school only prefers candidates who chose them during UTME registration, not those who changed to them.
  • If they must accept those who changed to them, they will consider those who chose them from the start first.

That’s the summary of most candidates’ understanding.

I’m here to tell you if that information is correct or not.

Let’s ride on.

How Change of Institutions/Courses Works

Candidates That change to new schools of interest before JAMB send lists to the new schools.

Do you know that it’s JAMB that will forward the lists of candidates who chose schools to them? They do that after the first set of changes.

See: How JAMB and Each School Will Give Admission This Year

Immediately after UTME, JAMB opens change of institutions and courses. After a while, they forward the list of candidates who chose those schools to them. This list will contain those who chose them from the beginning and those who changed to them.

With this, those schools won’t know whether you chose them or changed to them.

Candidates That Changed to Schools after the first list Sent

After receiving the first list, most schools will start selling their post UTME or screening forms. Hence, they will be waiting for other lists from JAMB.

This second and subsequent lists will be sent to schools a few days after the first list. It will contain those who are just changing to the schools even when their post UTME forms are already on sales.

Those schools must update their database on the registration portal so that the new candidates can also register for the post UTME. This is why universities like FUTA, FUNAAB, BUK, UNIMAID, UI, UNILAG, FUOYE update their portal for candidates who are just changing to them. Schools like UNIOSUN advises candidates to choose “others” option if they just change to them instead of the “first choice” option.

Now, does it matter whether you chose a school right from UTME registration period or changed to them? Does it make any difference in being considered for admission?

Let’s see.

Candidates Who Changed to New Schools Will be Offered Admission

Most people are only giving you advice using common sense. No. They should use facts.

This piece is a product of experiences.

If you change to another school before or during their post UTME registration, the school will still offer you admission.

Provided you meet all their requirements, you will be offered admission.

Last year, for example, one of my candidates wrote UNILORIN post UTME and failed. We changed to OAU because the university was still selling their post UTME form as at that time.

He wrote their post UTME too and failed.

We later changed to UNIOSUN whose form was still on after OAU results. He made it here finally.

Do you see what I meant?


It’s JAMB that decides admission now. They process your admission – not schools. Schools only send the results of post UTME or screening with a list of those candidates who passed to JAMB.

JAMB checks to see that the right candidates are not deprived opportunities if qualify before they can upload admission status and list to JAMB CAPS.

This is why no school will deprive you admission because you’ve just changed to them.


As you can see in the explanation of how the change of institutions is treated between JAMB and schools, institutions are left with no other choice than to treat you as their candidates even if you didn’t choose them from the start.

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  1. Please I don't know what happened if it is jamb or futa I did change of institutions and courses into futa but the schools portal has not been opened for me to registered for post utme and admission start on 21 of August.Now I have been sending different text messages on most of social media like WhatsApp no reply yet.I am just fed up now.U have sent message to futa registrar and Laos jamb office nothing yet.Please sir Kindly help me oh...what is really happening.

    1. You have to wait for the school to open the current year post UTME before you can register.


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