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Can I Do Change Of Course After Post UTME?

More Proof That You Can Change Course After Post UTME
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This post is necessary after receiving calls and messages from a few candidates who want to know if it’s possible to change their courses after the Post UTMEs or screenings. In other words, some candidates wanted to know if they could change their courses if they had already done the post-UTMEs/screenings of some schools.

If you’d read a few of my posts including those linked in this post, you must have seen that I’d briefly answered this question.

Yet, I will not deprive you of the opportunity to get this to details here too.

Let’s get into it.

Can You Change Course After the Post UTME or Screening?

First, the answer is YES.

Second, let’s cover some basics before you proceed.
  1. Changing of course, can now be done as THREE times as provided you’re ready to pay for that. Only in a few rare situations, you can be allowed to change more than three times.  You can get the whole picture in my post, “How to Do Change Institutions/Courses the Third or More Times”.
  2. There is an END date or time to change institutions but no deadline for the JAMB change of courses. Some institutions will instruct JAMB to stop accepting changes to them as soon as they start their post UTME registrations or the exercise is over. It’s not applicable to all the schools though. Some will still be accepting changes to them until the admission year ends. You can get this better in the post, “Universities and Others Accepting Change of Institutions and Those Who Are Not”.
  3. Changing of course never ends irrespective of schools. All institutions will continuously be allowing changing of courses even after the Post UTME and admissions given. Hence, it’s possible for candidates to change their courses before, during, and after post UTME/screenings.

Will I Be Offered the New Course If I Change the Course After Post UTME?

The answer is simply YES.

Even though what we’re used to is to change course before post UTME, yet you’re also allowed to do that after.

If you’re in doubt that the university may not give you admission into the new course if you change after the post UTME, be rest assure that you will be if you merit the admission.


Schools will continually be receiving updated lists of candidates and courses changed to, from JAMB. The management is compelled to update the same lists in their databases. Hence, you will be listed for the new course, not the old one as soon as a school updates its database.

I have seen this with a few universities, including LAUTECH, EKSU, ABU, UI, OAU, UNIOSUN, and more. Hence, no need to doubt.

Schools expect candidates to take advantage of the change of course if they fail to meet up with the expected cut-off marks of the earlier courses.

WARNING: You may not need to waste time if you still want to change the course after the Post UTME. The earlier the better! This is because this trick may not work again as soon as the university starts compiling the list of admitted candidates for the year.

More Proof that You Can Change Course After Post UTME

Some schools will offer their candidates different courses other than the ones applied for. As a result, candidates will be instructed by both JAMB and the institutions to visit their JAMB profiles and change their courses to the new ones.

This even comes after lists are already out. Why won’t it work for candidates who make the changes before the lists are out?

This is common among the universities and polytechnics that give automatic admissions if candidates do not meet up with their departmental cut-off marks.


You might have read or heard that this may not be possible. Yes, it is. Yet, I advise you do such a change as soon as your post UTME result is out so that you can be prepared for the admission list in favor of the new course.

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  1. I changed from medicine and surgery to microbiology but it is not reflecting on my post utme, it's till showing M&S.

    1. It all depends on how your school design things.

      For some schools, change of courses on the JAMB portal will not reflect on the school portal once they're done with the post UTME.

      In this case, candidates should just wait for the school to receive the change from JAMB. They will act on it.

      For some schools, however, you may need to wait until the school update their pages.

  2. Please I need an answer. I have changed my institution and course twice now. But my fear is that if the school change my course due to my low aggregate can i do change of course to the one they give to me because I heard that I can do it twice.

    1. You can.

      This has already been discussed in the post.

  3. Can I change my score to another course a bit bigger than my cut of mark?

    1. That will be unwise of you. Why will you chase a course that require higher mark than you have?

  4. Please if I do change of course after registering for post utme do I need to register the post utme again

    1. No, you don't need two post UTME registrations.

  5. Sir is this applicable to ui?.
    I am about to change after post utme now

    1. Yes, if the university transfer you to a new course. But it's not certain if you just want to change yourself without transfer.

    2. Sir, if have change my course without the school transferring me can I change it back to the old one cause transfer course has started.

  6. If my caps is showing admission in progress can I still change my course

  7. Have changed my course to biochemistry though my mark didn't qualified me for that course but when am registering for post utme I was asked to change to another course and I did but it doesn't reflect on my jamb caps do I need to do the changing of course again sir

    1. If you change course on the school portal, you have to do the same on the JAMB portal for them to tally across the board.


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