After NECO, WAEC, NABTEB Results: What Next? -

After NECO, WAEC, NABTEB Results: What Next?

Once your NECO, WEAC, or NABTEB results are released, the long waiting has just ended. Are you happy with the results? Did you make all your subjects or, at least, all the five subjects you’ll need for admission into any university, polytechnic, college of education, college/school of Nursing, or college of health technology?

If you’ve made it all, or the relevant subjects for your proposed course, congratulations. If not, I wish you luck in your next attempt.

For those who care to know what the next course of action should be after seeing their SSCE results, you’ll love to read this post to the end. Enjoy!

1. Print and Make Photocopies

First thing first, make sure you don’t only check the results but you must also print. Most students will check their results on their phones and fail to print them. Somehow, they may lose the PINs/serial numbers or tokens used. With this mess, if they need the printed copies in the future, they will be forced to buy a new scratch card.

Some students will check on their phones and screenshot the results to print. This is not right. The production of a screenshot won’t be clear when you’re ready to print. If you must use your phone to check, after checking, try the "print to PDF" option on your phone. That will help get the exact and clear quality of the result. Then, you can print later with a printer.

Using the service of a cyber café or business center, around you, is still the best. If you can afford to spend about N300 for the checking and printing, these people will print for you - once and for all. They also sell PIN/serial numbers or tokens to check results that you may be struggling to get, on your own.

As for making photocopies, getting two or three extra copies of the results will come in handy if you must submit one for admission help, a job, or screening at your school. With this, you can always have copies to keep without spending more.

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2. Upload Your Results to the JAMB portal

If you’ve written JAMB without your O’level results, and now you have the WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results printed, you’ll have to visit any CBT center around you to upload the results now.

Most students who didn’t fill and upload their results during the JAMB registration will not do that eventually and they’ll not be offered admission without it. If you’re one of such, kindly go to the CBT center for uploading.

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3. Upload Results to Your School Portal

Similar to those above, most students have registered their schools’ post-UTME/screening forms without filling in their O’level results. They used awaiting results (AR)  for that too. By implication, the school will not offer them admission until they upload this too.

In fact, some schools will not close their post-UTME/screening portals until all SSCE results i.e., WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB are released. Some will close but will reopen their portals for the awaiting results candidates to resume their applications and update the O’level result section.

If you belong to such a school e.g. Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA), Ekiti State University (EKSU), etc., you should fill (and upload if required) after seeing your results.

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Candidates Who Are Not Pursuing Admission For The Year Should Look Out

If you’re not after admission for this year, hold on to your results. Once you’ve got the right subjects for your proposed course, it’s time to study the JAMB brochure. This is in preparation for the next admission exercise.

JAMB form should be on sale early next year (Jan/Feb). Before then, you should be set for the challenges to come. To prepare, you’ll need to JAMB brochure to know the list of schools that are offering the course you’re proposing.

JAMB brochure will not only show you that, but it will also give you their JAMB and SSCE results for subjects required for the course. Once well-studied, you’ll avoid mistakes when the time comes and you’ll have a stress-free admission experience by next year.

Other things you need to put in place for the purpose of JAMB registration is your National ID card (NIN) with accurate information about you, especially your full name, date of birth, gender, and state/local government or origin. All these pieces of information will be used by JAMB for your registration when the time comes.

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Other Options Opened to You If You Don't Want to Wait For JAMB

A part of me is saying you don't want to wait for the next JAMB before processing admission. Luckily, you have other options to be on campus if you're in haste like I was. Or wasn't I in a hurry to write, JAMB at SS 2 and made it to school the same year I wrote my WAEC?😊 

1. Pre-versity A'level Programs

With just your SSCE results, you can apply for and be admitted into any university running A-level programs.

These are programs you can use to gain admission into a university without writing JAMB. So, no waiting! The programs are usually called A'level. Among them are JUPEB and IJMB. These two are popular among universities in Nigeria. 

This is a nine-month program that you do and when completed, it's used to seek and gain admission into 200-level or your interested course or the one you're qualified for using the result of that program. In fact, with this program, you won't register for or write JAMB by next year. You'll only obtain the JAMB Direct Entry form which gives admission into 200-level as earlier stated.

I'd advise if you would go for this option, it's better to run it under the university you're seeking admission to rather than the advertised tutorial and study centers around. If you ask why, get your answer in my post, "IJMB/JUPEB in Universities Vs Study Centres: The Better".

2. Diploma Programs

Similar to the A'level programs such as the IJMB and JUPEB, we also have the Diploma programs still being run by a few universities. One such university is the Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ahmadu Bello University, University of Maiduguri. It's usually a 2/3-year program.

When completed, instead of writing JAMB, you'll also obtain the JAMB DE form to process your admission into the 200-level of the same university where the diploma is run (or anywhere else accepting their diplomas).

This diploma program also admits you without JAMB. And with your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result, you can apply.

3. Direct Admission Without JAMB (Daily Part-Time)

As the name suggests, this program doesn't need JAMB to apply to or be admitted into. All you need is SSCE results.

You see, without waiting for JAMB, you can seek admission into certain polytechnics and various universities for direct admission without JAMB. This is a fanciful way to call the "daily-part-time (DPT/DPP) and regular part-time (RPT)". 

Nearly all polytechnics run daily part-time. Most universities only run weekends part-time. That's the regular part-time.  You will find them in the linked posts above. The Federal University of Oye Ekiti stands out with its daily part-time program

If daily part-time (not weekend part-time), in a polytechnic or university, you'll also attend classes from Monday to Friday/Saturday just like those being admitted through JAMB. You'll also spend the same number of years of studies (weekend part-time spend one year more). You'll also be mobilized for NYSC when the time comes (weekend part-time won't).

In short, this is a viable option for you if you've seen your SSCE result but won't like to wait for JAMB or attempt one.

4. Pre-degree Programs

With only your SSCE result, you can apply for and be admitted into a pre-degree program at a university of your interest.

As I like to say, "Pre-degree, today, is just to leave home and prepare for JAMB". This is another pre-versity program. Like the IJMB and JUPEB, it lasts 9 months. However, when completed, you'll use that to gain admission into the 100-level instead. You still have to write JAMB and pass it to the cut-off mark required by your school before you can be offered admission.

In other words, pre-degree programs don't guarantee admission as you still have to write and pass JAMB before you can be offered admission. Let's call this an advanced form of "extra lesson or tutorial" to prepare yourself for the next year's JAMB.


Once you've achieved the required grades for your desired course, there are crucial steps to take. Firstly, ensure you print and make photocopies of your results to avoid any future inconveniences. Secondly, upload your results to the JAMB portal if you haven't already, as this is crucial for admission consideration. Similarly, don't forget to upload your results to your school's portal, especially if you applied with awaiting results. 

If you're not pursuing admission for the current year, use this time wisely to study the JAMB brochure and prepare for the next admission exercise. Additionally, there are alternative pathways to gain admission without waiting for JAMB, such as A-level programs like JUPEB and IJMB, diploma programs, direct admission without JAMB (through part-time), and pre-degree programs. Explore these options to fast-track your education journey. Remember, your results open doors to various opportunities, so make the most of them.

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