Solution To NECO Error "Token Already Used to Check Result" -

Solution To NECO Error "Token Already Used to Check Result"

We can't seem to get tired of NECO issues. One time, the tokens bought by candidates would not later be able to check their results. They were forced to buy new tokens or return to the agent that sold them the token earlier to get new ones.

Recently, we had a new type of issue with results once checked that could not be verified with new tokens. In other words, once you've used one token to check NECO result, unless the uses are exhausted (used 5 times), you won't be able to use another token.

This was the error the image below is talking about.

But what if I lost the last token and needed to recheck my result? You're stuck! What if I submit a new token to my school for result verification, having checked with another? Won't they be unable to check with another token?

Token Limit Exceeded. Another token has already been used to check the result. Please proceed to the eVerify portal for instant result verification

All these are the concerns arising from the latest developments when trying to check NECO results. But there is a solution!

You Can Get Back Old Token If You Have NECO Account

If you notice the way NECO designs its portal, it's possible to check your NECO result without creating an account. That's what most students who bought their tokens and checked by themselves are likely to do.

Also, it's possible to create an account, buy token (using the account created) and use that to check your result. Very many students won't use this approach, of course. Only cafes, agents (who are selling tokens), and schools (that usually check their students' results in bulk) will likely create accounts before buying tokens or using them.

If you're one of the students that created an account before buying and checking your results, seeing this error when trying to check with a new token, you can just log in to your NECO account. Locate the token used and reuse it to check your result again.

To do that, simply follow these steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Login Here"
  3. Sign in with your email and password chosen when your registered the NECO account
  4. If you've forgotten your login details or password, you can reset that on the NECO portal.
  5. Now, you'll be on your dashboard. There, you'll see your purchased and/or used token. Use that to recheck your result or copy the token for your use.

However, if you just checked the result without creating an account, I will address that in the next section.

Similarly, if you're one who used the service of a cafe, agent, or a school, to check your result back then, these people usually create NECO accounts. You should go back to them; they'll log in to their accounts, locate your token, and give it to you or help you to recheck.

Use NECO eVerify Portal To Check Your Result Instead

Well, this is actually what NECO wants you to do in the first place. My first solution was to save you the extra money that the council is trying to make from you.

I'm thinking what you're thinking, dude! This is a scam seriously. But it's what it is. If you must check your result with this error, and you can't get or retrieve your last used token, the only bailout is the eVerify portal.

To use this portal:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Instant Verification to start with
  3. Now, click on "Click here to register." The form will open for you to create an account
  4. After successful account creation, log in
  5. Click on "Purchase New Token." Fill the form and buy a token for the number of results to verify and print. In your case, just 1 unit
  6. A token, on the eVerify portal, is as of now N5,288.66, including remita charges
  7. After the payment, click verify to access the result. Then, you can print.

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