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Re-Upload O'level Results to School Portals Compulsory? See Answer

They also ask us to Upload to the School Portal
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Rumour and news around the re-uploading of O'level results to JAMB portal has led to another question candidates are asking, "do I also need to re-upload my results to the school portal?".

While seeking admission, you're best compared to a drowning man who can catch at a straw. Admission seekers can generally fall for any rumour especially if they hear the same from their friends and families.

So, what it's the answer to the question surrounding if it's also needed to visit individual university, polytechnics or college of education portal and refill O'level results again?

This post will clarify some things before answering your question. This will help save me from adding salt to your injuries.

Every Schools Admission Portal Requires O'level Results Filling

If you'd already done or registered your post UTME registration online, the school should have during that time, ask you to fill your O'level results among other things. Some schools provide spaces for two sittings  UNIOSUN, AAUA, Adeyemi College, OAU, UNIBEN, UNILORIN etc. Some only make provisions for 5 required subjects for candidates proposed courses e.g UI and some wants you to fill only one sitting for their courses e.g UNILAG.

Especially for those schools that use online screening (EKSU, ADO POLY, IREE POLY, ADEYEMI etc), you can't complete your registration without filling your SSCE results. See Post UTME: Will it be Exams or Admission Screening?

With that said, this is the medium through which school will capture your O'level results details.

JAMB Uploading of Results Is Different From the Schools Uploading of Results

Don't mix things up. Uploading of O'level results is different for JAMB and schools. While school uploading is like for the God, the JAMB uploading is like for Caesar.

Some candidates, especially those who didn't fill O'level result for JAMB, assume that once they upload to the post UTME portal of their proposed schools, there's no need to upload for JAMB again. This is wrong!

Both bodies must have your O'level with them before you can have any hope for admission.

However, JAMB has also collected your O'level results details during the UTME registration. And if you used awaiting results, you should return to the nearest CBT centre to upload it.

Why is The News To Re-upload To The School Portal?

As a matter of fact, schools and JAMB has sent warnings to all candidates to upload their O'level results to Jthe AMB portal. Meanwhile, the instruction was strictly for those candidates using awaiting results. Also, the instruction was that they should upload it to the JAMB portal. Here is the list of universities, polytechnics and colleges of education accepting awaiting results.

In summary, the instruction is:
  • Candidates using awaiting results should take their results to CBT centre and re-upload
  • This re-uploading is to the JAMB portal not to the school portal.

Now, ask yourself:
  • Did I use awaiting results during JAMB UTE registration?
  • If yes, have I gone back to re-upload it
  • Was it uploaded to the JAMB portal truly?

If you've answered those questions rightly. You don't have anything to worry about again.

They also ask us to Upload to the School Portal

As already covered, schools must have captured your O'level results detailed during the post UTME/screening registration. It will be rare to see a school that will ask you to reupload the results to her portal again.

Below are a few possible reasons a school may ask you to re-upload your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB to her portal again:
  1. If you use awaiting results during the post UTME too. This means the school has, during the post UTME registration, allowed you to use AR. UNILORIN left the portal opened for her awaiting results candidates. Hence, when their NECO and NABTEB results were released, they return to update it on the school portal. This was also allowed by UNIOSUN, LAUTECH, FEDPOLY EDE and a few others.
  2. If the school's database has issues and there is an urgent need for candidates to update their O'level results.

In either case, candidates will be notified on the school website if there is a need to upload their results. Hence, this will not just be a rumour,  it will be a direct communication between the school and her aspirants through the website, email message or text message.


Ignore any information you're not receiving on the school portal or through your email from the management or SMS form the school. People will always find something to tell you that will throw you into confusion. For one reason, they don't know the truth too. For another, if a school says something, they spread it as if it affects all the schools.

If you check through all the linked posts in this piece, you will still learn more.

Wishing you luck!

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