Is Possible to Buy SSCE Results? I Have Poor Grades! -


Is Possible to Buy SSCE Results? I Have Poor Grades!

NECO Result
Know what SSCE is? That is the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. When we refer to SSCE, it consists of WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, and their GCE series.

A few students had contacted me to ask if they could buy any of these exams' results especially when they had lower or poor grades in them. 

Imagine you had D7, E8, or F9 or you have even passed at credit level (C4, C5, or C6), but you wanted something better or higher. Is it possible to just pay somebody or some folks and buy better results from them?

You might have even been contacted by some guys online or you've seen a post on a blog's comment asking you to contact them for the upgrade of your WAEC or NECO result so you can get better results.

A student even asked if without sitting for any of these exams, he could still find means to buy the results.

Well, in this post, Let's talk about this and related matters.

You Can't Buy WAEC or Any SSCE Results

Unfortunately, there is no way you can officially or unofficially buy any of the SSCE results. Of course, it's imaginable, and clearly, you might hear such a promise. The bad news is that it's not possible.

Some people promise they can help you buy or sell you better grades in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE - they're all scammers.

They take to the internet to dupe the unsuspecting and desperate admission seekers, like you. They promise it's possible. No matter the evidence shown or given, trust me, they're scammers.

Experience Has Shown That They Collect Money and Run

When you pay for better results to some of these online fraudsters or anybody whosoever, they'll end the conversation there. That will be the last time you ever hear from them.

Some may even send you a copy of better results. It's editing! That result is edited. All it takes to do the editing is some computer programs. 

Original result

After which they will send better results containing As or Bs to make you happy.
Fake one (edited)

Even though it's your name and exam number appearing on the results, trust me, they have given you a result that might send you to prison. Whatever changes you see on that paper don't reflect in the database of the exam bodies. It's only showing on the paper. A simple rechecking of the results on the exam body's website will show the real result (your result before the editing).

Your Proposed Schools Will Find Out If You Forge Results

Of course, you're seeking admission with those forged results. Chances are that you won't even make it to the school with the result you bought. Most schools will catch you before you can even be admitted with it.

Some schools use the screening method where you're to submit your result and result checking card. They will use the result checking card to verify the correctness of the result you wish to gain admission with.

This verification will be held before offering you admission, during physical screening, or during the freshers' bio-data registration. At this stage, you're not only sent away but you'll be handed over to the police for the appropriate legal actions.

Some schools are worse, they will send you home at the admission stage. They may not even verify your result until your final year or when going for NYSC. 

WAEC Results Verification Portal

This kind of verification takes the form of checking the authentication of the results on a dedicated website by the exam bodies e.g. WAEC. 

NECO Results Verification Portal

Some other exam bodies are still contacted by schools for verifications. If anything is missing or not right, you're gone after wasting your years and money in the school. 

And if you think you can manage through with a bought result, apart from the fact that it won't work, if you make it happen, your school might still withdraw your certificate after graduation. Apparently, no hiding place for you - you'll lose it all in the end.

You Can't Use a Bought Result For Jobs Too

Well, if you want to do menial jobs, that require you to submit your results, you may not be too worried. A filling station, employing you as an attendant, won't need to verify your results. A car owner, employing as a driver won't need to invest into knowing the authenticity of your result.

Where you're chasing an official position - in a political office, public, or private organization such as companies, you'll not be employed until that result is rechecked and verified by your employers. Even if you make it in with the bought results, you're not safe yet as many organizations have their dedicated way and time to verify their employees' results. Nemesis will catch up sooner rather than later.


I wish I could guarantee that you can buy SSCE results. As an education consultant, as you can see in this post, I can assure you that it is not possible. And where you're not aware and fall to the scammers, they've only prepared your way to prison or future downfall. 

If you have lower grades in required subjects, nothing is bd in resiting for the exam or going for the GCE series if you can wait or go back into your school uniform. A stitch in time saves nine!

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