How to Study JAMB Brochure to Avoid Errors (2023/2024) - School Contents

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How to Study JAMB Brochure to Avoid Errors (2023/2024)

JAMB Brochure is a must-read
It can be underrating to believe that everybody should know what the brochure is and how to use it. 

Sincerely, it’s not what you may be thinking. People, especially admission seekers can disappoint you if you ask them about the brochure. Some had never heard of the term not to mention using it. 

I hope you’re not one. If you’re, don’t worry. The post below will help you get it all clear. Just spare some minutes and pay undivided attention.

What is JAMB Brochure and How To Get It?

First, let’s look at what a JAMB Brochure is. This is a pack or guide (usually a book and CD ROM; in the past years but now on or PDF downloadable from the internet) prepared to guide admission seekers on the admission requirements for their proposed institutions and courses.

A candidate is expected to go through this pack before applying for UTME/DE. This guide shows candidates; the list of government-approved institutions. It also enlists the courses in each school and under which faculties they run. By this, it will clear your confusion on whether your interested course is in that school or not. And where it’s not, which other schools are offering it. There’re more areas it covers though. I will talk about the rest shortly.

To get a JAMB brochure, you can use my Mini JAMB brochure which covers more than 100 courses and their UTME subject combination. Each link in the brochure will take you to a list of schools offering those courses and their requirements.

You can also visit the JAMB official brochure page to study it online or download it to your computer or mobile device to study.

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How to Study, Understand and Use the JAMB Brochure

First, let me give you a page from the faculty of LAW.
In the picture above (you can click on it to zoom bigger), BAYERO is the name JAMB gives to Bayero University Kano – so don’t be confused. The University of Ibadan is only represented by IBADAN, the University of Ilorin is called ILORIN, University of Lagos – LAGOS. 

Don’t be confused because they don’t use your regulars like BUK, UNILAG, UI, UNILORIN, etc. Some schools are called like that anyway e.g. OAU, ABU, EKSU, UNIOSUN, etc.

Now, let’s focus our attention on BAYERO for General Requirements, UTME section, and most importantly, Special considerations (waiver) remarks. See my explanation below.


Five (5) 'O' level credit passes in Arts or Social Sciences to include English Language and Islamic Studies or Arabic.

(Under the requirements section, it means all universities can accept 5 O’level credit passes which BAYERO did not object. That is, - they also accept this condition).

UTME Subject Combination

Any three (3) Arts or Social Science subjects including Arabic or Islamic Studies

(Under the UTME section, all schools can accept English and ANY 3 Arts/social science subjects as your UTME subjects). But BAYERO objects to this! That takes us to the "special consideration" now.


(i) BAYERO requires Islamic Studies/Arabic and Literature-in- English for Common and Islamic Law.

(This means, for BAYERO Law, you don’t just have to write ANY 3 arts or social science subjects in UTME, TWO of the 3 must be Islamic Studies or Arabic, and Literature-in- English is compulsory.

BAYERO still has special consideration for JAMB Direct Entry applicants under the same special consideration. See it below

(i) BAYERO does not accept NCE.

Do you now see that though it’s not easy to get and study the JAMB brochure, if you can, it pays off? Most candidates only read the general requirements and UTME sections without reading the special considerations. Believe me; this special consideration section is MUCH MORE important.

If you still find anything doubting, consult a qualified and experienced education consultant.

You can equally ask me questions in the comment section below. Other readers may be of help to provide you with answers almost immediately. I will also update the post to help others.

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  1. Am Nofisat by name sir am sad about my waec result though I ave not done my jamb bt I want to be sure about the school I would choose or the course I result can qualify my to study
    I would be glad if u can answer me here is my num sir u can call me or u flash I would call back sir:08174489882

    1. Ok Nofisat.

      You only need to study JAMB brochure very well before making the right choice. This post should be able to guide you without you calling me or me calling you.

      Take time to study things as detailed here. If you later have specific question, you can still drop it in the comment section below.

  2. Hello sir ..pls I really need to kw wht I can do with my neco and nebteb combination ,people are saying that it is nt accepted in any school ,pls can you advice me on wht to do...uni,poly ,anyone sir that accept neco and nabteb combination....God bless you

    1. Those people are wrong. The two exams are combinable. If a school will not accept that, they will state it in their admission adverts. However, with all indications, all schools are accepting as the time of this reply.

  3. Sir pls schools that accept neco and nabteb

    1. All schools are accepting the two exams except a few school of nursing that are not accepting NAMBTEB. For any schools, NECO is acceptable. Read more through the link below.

  4. Good day sir, please i want to study computer science in LASU... what are the jamb required courses and special consideration
    They say i can choose chemistry in JAMB and also say LASU requires chemistry in special consideration.. What does that mea

    1. LASU requires Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

  5. Good evening sir,I have C5 and C6 in waec subjects eg math,English,economic,commerce,civic education and book keeping but I have d7 in my biology and E8 in my government what can I study in the university but I will love to study psychology I don't know if I can with my result.

    1. list all the subjects and grades you have in them

  6. Hello sir!
    I studied in Niger Rep. In University of Niamey, And have a Bachelor on "Biochemistry Of Naturals Substancies".

    I want to continue my studies of masters in Biochemistry at UI. Please what I'm going to do? Need ur help?πŸ™

    1. You have for UI postgraduate admission as a foreign student.

  7. Hello. Can I study computer science at FUTMINNA with an e8 in chemistry

    1. Yes. FUTMINNA requires five (5) 'O' Level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and/or Chemistry and any other Science subject. For Cyber Security Science is the same as Computer Science.

  8. What course can i study with F9 in Economics and Agricultural Science?

    1. You can use commerce in place of Economics for most course.

      Read more through the links below.

  9. Good evening sir I had d7 in chemistry but passed other subjects and i have already applied to study biochemistry in unilag. My question is if I score very high marks in jamb and post it me will I be offered admission

    1. No. UNILAG will not offer you admission without Chemistry no matter the score in UTE and Post UTME.

      You can use awaiting results and write another SSCE to replace the other one.

      Or you consider courses and schools accepting D7 in Chemistry instead.

  10. Sir wat can I study in university with f9 in economics

  11. Will I be admitted with English, Government, Literature, Economics for Law at Uniport, Beside sir is the jamb brochure decieving cause I know jamb can't be?

  12. Hi Sir, am a foreigner wishing to do post graduate studies in Nigeria. I did the french system of education except for my University studies.please Sir, I wish to know if that can be possible?

  13. Hello sir, I want to study computer science in funai they don't have any special consideration so does that mean I can write economics instead of chemistry as per jamb requirements?

    1. It simply means, it's the requirements under GENERAL, as stated by JAMB, they will accept too.

  14. Good day sir pls is physics compulsory for computer science can umi change physics to biology instead in jamb