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3 Places Where To Upload Results to JAMB Portal?

It's generally known that all admission seekers must upload their results to the JAMB portal. While some candidates were lucky to have their results uploaded at CBT centers, during their JAMB UTME/DE registration, some candidates were told to come back and reupload it because of the population.

Some candidates forgot to take their results along when going for the registrations in the first place. Some used awaiting results for their JAMB.

All these concerned students are now asking where will they upload their results. Do they have to use a CBT centre to upload, a café or a JAMB office? Or can they upload the results by themselves?

In this post, I will give you three places where you should go and upload your results to the JAMB portal

1. Any Accredited CBT Centre

You can upload your results to the JAMB portal through and at any accredited CBT centre. In other words, it is not necessary for you to go back to the CBT centre where you registered your JAMB in the first place, any of these accredited CBT centres are authorized to upload your results.

When going, go with your results (O'level for UTME applicants or together with ND, NCE, HND, BSC, JUPEB, IJMB, Cambridge, etc. for the direct entry applicants.

They will need your JAMB registration number, email, and/or your JAMB profile code at the point of uploading the results to the JAMB portal.

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2. Any Connected Cyber Café or Business Center

I've actually said that some cafes are getting connected (unofficially) with accredited CBT centers too. Since the uploading of results to the JAMB portal will not necessarily require fingerprint and biometrics, a café can collect your results, scan and send them to any CBT center it has a relationship with.

This arrangement may cost more than if you take it to a CBT center yourself. Yet, it will save you some traveling risk and time.

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3. Any JAMB Offices

Uploading results to the JAMB portal is one of the functions and responsibilities of a JAMB office to all admission seekers. Hence, you can walk into any branch closest to you for uploading.

However, JAMB offices may be forced to ask you to use a CBT centre instead because the offices are very occupied for various other needs. More candidates are in the queue for the JAMB CAPS registrations for part-time applicants and similar JAMB office-only registrations.

Hence, if a CBT centre is closer, you'd better use that instead of joining the queue of candidates waiting for their turns at JAMB offices.

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You Can't Upload JAMB Results Yourself

Even though you had linked your email to the JAMB portal and now you can log in to JAMB CAPS and see the state of things, you can't still do the results uploading by yourself.

The platform (efacility), is not open to allow candidates to do the uploading of results by themselves.

Of course, you can make the payments to change institutions/courses yourself before proceeding to a CBT centre or a JAMB office for the registration, you can pay for and to print the original JAMB results yourself, uploading them to the same platform is beyond individual candidates' reach.

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