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Can I Combine Old and New Results For Admission? WAEC, NECO, NABTEB

A few things had been said regards the combination of results on this blog. We've talked about all forms O'level results combination possible. We've checked schools that accept two sittings (combined results) and those that will not and for what courses

However, there is a question regards the combination of results that keeps surfacing from my readers. I think I should address that individually.

Here is a question from one of my readers

Hello sir, can I combine a WAEC result from 2013 with one from 2018 for JAMB 2023?

If you're in a similar situation, you want to know if you can combine your old SSCE results with a new one for admission. 

This post will cut across all results including WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or NBAIS. Can you combine a result, you had in the last 5, 6, or 7 years, with a very recent one or the one you're about to do this or next year?

Let's get into the details.

You Can Combine Old Results With New Results

While seeking admission, and you have one result in the past, you're allowed to combine any new result or an awaiting result with it. 

It doesn't matter whether the results are from the same exam body or different ones. For example, you can combine old WAEC results with new WAEC results. So also you can combine your old WAEC result with a new NECO and vice versa.

In short, all results are combinable except for some university courses that usually, but in all cases, except strictly one sitting such as Nursing Science, Medicine, and Surgery, Pharmacy. Law etc.

For example, for all its courses, UNILAG accepts one sitting, For like of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine, universities such as OAU, UI, UNIBEN, and UNILORIN may accept only one sitting but two sittings for other courses. 

Related to this, some schools of nursing or colleges of health may insist on a combination of the same type of results.

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You Can Combine Results as Old as Any Year With Results as New as Any Year

Having said that it's acceptable and possible to combine the results of years back with new results or future ones, it should be noted that it doesn't matter how aged the older result is or how most recent the newer result is.

You can use an old result because, as long as the owner/candidate is still alive his or her results never expire.

WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or its equivalents is capable of being used for admissions no matter the year of its writing.

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All Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education Accept Old Results Combined With New Ones

It's important to make this clear that generally, all institutions accept the combination of older results with newer ones as long as you're the true owner of the results and you have the required subjects for the proposed course.

Except where stated, for a few courses as earlier mentioned, and certain universities that will be specific about the range of years they want for SSCE results e.g. Nigerian Defence Academy accepting only O'level not more than 5 years, there is no limit to the age of results to be accepted for admissions.

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A Case Study of Old Results Being Combined With Newer Result For OAU Admission

Having said that you could combine an old result with a new one for literally all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education, let's see a case study below for an Obafemi Awolowo University candidate.

I recently processed the admission of an aged man into the Obafemi Awolowo University's JUPEB programme.

The man retired as a court clerk before deciding to study further and become a lawyer. 

As a result, he picked the WAEC GCE form to acquire the five subjects needed for Law. Unfortunately, he made four subjects on credit passes with Mathematics at F9.

After stating his case with the JUPEB coordinator, he was advised to write another SSCE except if he had any old O'level results with Mathematics at least with a Pass.

It was then he remembered he had one old WAEC result dated back to 1986 which had Mathematics. he was immediately instructed to add that to make up for the deficiency.

Finally, he combined the two results i.e. 1986 WAEC with 2020 WAEC GCE.


If he could combine a result that is old with the most recent result, you could also. And I bet your own old result can't be as old or older. 

With all these available references, you should rest assured that you can combine, where appropriate old results with a new one without any discrimination by the proposed university, polytechnic, or college of education.

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