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Can I Upgrade WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or GCE Results?

When a student asks you a question of whether it's possible to upgrade O'level results such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB, you're likely to think of the same thing being said about JAMB UTME results.

I once explained the possibility or impossibility of upgrading JAMB results. But here there is a need to focus on the SSCE results.

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This post will be sharing what is possible and what is not, about upgrading WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB results. I will be answering your question and related concerns with my stock of experiences as an education consultant for more than a decade.

So, What's the Upgrading of O'level Results?

This is the process of changing, editing, or adding marks (points) or scores to a WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB result that a candidate had earlier got. Here, it's expected to have a higher grade after being upgraded.

For instance, if you have an F9 in a particular subject, it's expected that after the upgrading, you should have a better grade such as B2, C4 or so.

Candidates usually seek upgrading of results for a specific subject or for their entire subjects.

Upgrading of SSCE Results is Not Possible as Being Advertised

For several years that WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB had been conducting exams, there had not been an authentic report of any upgrading of results.  Even where such might have been done by the exam bodies, it's never made known to the public.

Although, candidates expect this to be possible and some people are marketing the same across the net (on Facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, etc) that they can help to change your poor grades to better ones. 

However, in reality, it's not possible for an individual, exam officer, invigilator, marker, or body to change your results after it's already been released or while being marked.

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Only The Exam Bodies Can Upgrade Results Before or After Being Release But Usually Not Often

As you must have noted after your results are released nothing can change it again. Even the exam bodies wouldn't want to change the results of candidates already released. 

However, if the exam body deems it fit to upgrade results before it's released (or after), they can do it without communicating this with the public.

In the 2020 NECO, I personally saw a candidate who was given C6 in Physics when the results were released. However, Chemistry was not yet done at that time, due to social unrest in Nigeria and the COVID-19 response by the exam body. The board later conducted the outstanding paper's results which were released later.

While the candidate printed the result again, after the Chemistry result was released, not only was he given B3 in Chemistry but the C6 in Physics had been changed/upgraded by the exam body to A1.

When I enquired further from the candidate, he told me he was aware of that from a few other friends, from the same center whose Physics were equally upgraded.

However, this was not communicated to the school in the first place. And it could have happened to all the candidates who sat for Physics at that center.

The exam bodies, if ever consider upgrading, don't have to make it known to anybody, school, or newsmen that results need to be (or had been) upgraded for whatever reason.

Hence, you shouldn't buy the upgrading advert or help from anybody be it before or after the results are released.

The Upgrading Adverts You Saw Online Were Fake (Scams)

While browsing the internet, on Facebook, Telegram, and Whatapp, you might find yourself on a few groups where somebody claims he can help you upgrade your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results.

This claim was a lie!

The people behind these claims and adverts are usually scammers. They want to take advantage of your innocence and desperation to dupe you.

In fact, they may go to the extent of showing pictures of some results they have just or once upgraded. It's still a lie!

In fact, whatever you see in that results can easily be done by the use of computer software if you're aware of what you can do with a computer basic program.

Some of these scammers will even recruit a few people who will be posting false upgrading claims around the internet. You may see their handiwork in the comment sections of some blogs.

Don't buy this! Run!

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