Does Predegree Guarantee Admission to a University? -

Does Predegree Guarantee Admission to a University?

When you need a sure or guaranteed admission, you may want to think predegree. Some admission seekers find obtaining predegree/remedial forms and running the one-year pre-university programme as a sure means to gain admission into universities, polytechnics or colleges of education.

While this may be true in the sense that once you're offered a predegree, pre-ND or pre-NCE admission, you're right on campus to be part of the students there.

However, does that mean you're now a bonified student of the institution you obtain its predegre form or that offers you a predegree admission?

This post will be answering your question while explaining a few things you must know about the impressions you may have about the preliminary course.

It's Easier to Gain a Predegre Admissions

One of the quickest means to leave home (as I would say) is to obtain a predegree form. 

For one reason, no much competition as we have for similar other programmes such as Nursing, Health or admissions through UTME.

For other reasons, all you need to be amitted is your O'level results. And with awaiting results, you're still good to go.

Age is not even a barrier as we have with seeking admission through UTME. However, by the following year when you're moving to 100 level, you should be 16 or more.

And very many universities offering the course are no longer using entry exams to admit. Rather, they concentrate on your O'level results or awaiting results (as earlier noted).

The next question, however, is will running a school's predegree guarantee admission to the 100 level.

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Predegree Admission Doesn't Guarantee 100 Level Admission to Certain Extent

There is no way a university will eventually offer you 100 level (full-time) admission without you obtaining and sitting for UTME.

This is why you don't have to see the predegree programme as a means to skip or avoid UTME. If you must skip UTME, you may want to consider:

  1. Advanced programmes such as IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge Advanced Level etc
  2. Schools of Nursing General Nursing programmes
  3. Regular or Dialy part-time programmes of various polytechnics
  4. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)
  5. National Teachers Institute Kaduna (NTI)

Therefore, your success in gaining a permanent admission (as your name is written in led with predegree) depends so much on your performance in both/either the year's UTME and/or the predegree final result.

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Some Courses May Be Excluded From Predegree

It's not uncommon to see some schools limiting the available courses for the predegree or remedial programmes. Here, they may just leave a few less competitive courses open to their predegree candidates.

For instance, the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) doesn't include the likes of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, law etc in its remedial programme. This, without repeating it, will limit their candidates thereby depriving them of going for the courses of their best interest.

A few other universities are guilty of this e.g. Adeunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko (AAUA).

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Schools May Draw Lower Cut-Off Marks For Pregree Candidates Though

Though not all universities, polytechnics or colleges of education will do this, they may end up drawing lower JAMB cut off mark and/or departmental cut-off marks for their predegree candidates.

For instance, if a school required any other candidates who didn't partake in their predegree programmes to provide 230 for a course, the universities may lower than for their candidates to 200.

This seems to be the little opportunity (edge) you may have over others even though not all schools are doing this.


I'd always liked to warn you that if you must go for a remedial course, don't take it as a sure means to gain admission to the 100 level, ND1 or NCE 100 level of your respective university, polytechnic or college of education.

Take it as a mean to leave home, prepare and resit for JAMB UTME. This is because this programme won't help to skip UTME. In fact, a few predegree students had returned homes, after a year on campus, without being offered 100 level admissions because JAMB UTME or their final exam wouldn't help them.

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