No More Post-UTME/DE or Screening: How True? -

No More Post-UTME/DE or Screening: How True?

Recent developments indicate that Nigerian higher institutions are potentially ending the sale of admission forms and discontinuing post-UTME/DE exams and screening processes, with JAMB now exclusively handling application processes, though some universities may still conduct entrance exams.

In recent years, there has been speculation about the discontinuation of post-UTME/DE exams and screening processes in Nigerian higher institutions. While certain universities have already abandoned traditional entrance exams in favor of screening methods, others remain steadfast in their commitment to annual aspirant evaluations.

However, recent reports have indicated a significant development - the complete cessation of both post-UTME and screening processes. In fact, it has been proposed that universities will no longer be permitted to sell application forms to aspirants, effectively ending the practice of profiting from form sales.

Is this information accurate? Are universities truly banned from selling admission forms? Will post-UTME and screening evaluations disappear entirely? The question then arises: How will universities admit students without these familiar procedures?

Directive from JAMB: Halt in Form Sales

It is indeed a fact that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has taken a bold step by publicly instructing all Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education to discontinue the sale of application forms. 

JAMB has assumed the responsibility of overseeing the sale of these forms to candidates seeking admission into any institution within Nigeria.

The following excerpt from the public announcement clarifies the stance on institutions selling application forms:

Ceasing Unauthorized Admissions: All applications for admission into First Degree, National Diploma, National Innovation Diploma, and the Nigeria Certificate in Education, regardless of mode (Full-Time, Distance Learning, Part-Time, Outreach, Sandwich, etc.), must be processed ONLY through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Institutions are prohibited from advertising or selling 'application forms' for admission into these programs.

As a result, universities are now obliged to refrain from selling any form of application to prospective students, as this function has been entrusted solely to JAMB.

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Impact on Full-Time Application Forms

Usually referred to as post-UTME/DE or screening forms, full-time application forms have undergone a significant transformation. Before this directive, whether an institution conducted entrance exams (post-UTME), evaluated credentials, or employed scores-based screening, all applicants were required to obtain these online forms.

Typically, these forms were sold at prices ranging from #2000 to #5000 or even higher in some instances. However, with the full implementation of this policy, the sale of such forms will be abolished.

Moreover, for programs that previously did not necessitate any form of examination, such as distance learning, daily part-time, and sandwich programs, the practice of form sales will come to a permanent halt.

JAMB Takes Charge of Form Sales

For admissions into full-time programs, daily (or weekend) part-time programs, distance learning courses, sandwich programs, and other formats, JAMB will now oversee the sale of admission forms to aspirants.

While the board previously partially involved itself in the sale of part-time, regularization, and distance learning forms, its role will now expand to encompass all forms. Concurrently, universities are no longer permitted to vend their own copies of these forms.

As for post-UTME/DE evaluations, the results of JAMB's UTME exams will suffice for processing students into their desired courses and institutions, eliminating the necessity for universities to introduce fresh forms for the same purpose.

No Sale of Post-UTME Forms, Yet Some Institutions May Retain Exams

It's important to recognize that although the termination of post-UTME form sales may NOT suggest an end to exams, certain universities might still persist with post-UTME/DE or screening processes. 

While it's reasonable to assume that financial motivations drove some institutions to retain these evaluations, the new directive does not universally eliminate the possibility of entrance exams.

Some institutions might continue with exams, not driven by financial gain, but rather by their distinct principles. The policy primarily targets the sale of additional forms beyond JAMB's, aiming to avoid duplication of forms and associated charges.

Anticipated Implementation of the New Policy

The exact timeline for the comprehensive implementation of this new policy remains uncertain. However, it is reasonable to expect a gradual shift in university practices.

Numerous institutions are likely to adapt to the new regulations starting in 2024. Over the subsequent years, this transformation should extend across the nation's academic landscape.


While it is accurate that the conventional sale of post-UTME/screening forms is being discontinued, it's possible that some resolute institutions may continue to uphold entrance exams. Additionally, the immediate cessation of form sales might not occur; universities may require several months or even years to fully embrace the new paradigm shaped by JAMB's directive.

Ultimately, the transition will encompass both the sales of admission forms and the approach to student evaluations, as universities learn to navigate and adapt to these changes, guided by the authority of JAMB.

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