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Solutions If JAMB Doesn't Approve Changes, Regularization etc

It's getting usual lately that JAMB is disapproving applications for changes of dates of birth, state, or local government of origin. Even a few students, who made mistakes with their choices of genders applied for corrections, yet were rejected by the board.

And very recently, a candidate dropped me an unusual message about the disapproval of JAMB regularisation. The board didn't approve the application without a known reason.

If you find yourself in situations like these or similar ones, what can you do? if your application is declined or rejected, what is the next step?

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JAMB Rejects Applications With Reasons Unknown

The worst part of the issues of approval not being given to changes of data and regularization is that the board, however, wouldn't explain why it's declined the applications.

They replied to your application with ...

.we are sorry we could not approve your condonement of illegitimate admission

And where any reason was stated, it wouldn't be detailed enough or profer further guides or solutions on the candidate's side, or the board's.

This is the reason most candidates had taken to my pages - asking the ways forward. And as a matter of fact, these kinds of frustrations can limit your admission or academic pursuit.

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Contact JAMB for Further Clarification and Ways Forward

It's difficult to tell you why your applications were rejected if the board, itself, won't say. 

However, I've witnessed similar situations and contacted the JAMB supports in the past. You can also do the same. Once they can give you a full account of where things went wrong, you should be able to know what to do next before making a new application.

In order to contact JAMB supports:

1. Visit the nearest JAMB office or your JAMB state of registration

To do this, you may need to book an appointment first. This is the procedure JAMB is following lately. Follow the guide in my post, "How to Book Appointment with JAMB and For What".

2. Call the Right JAMB Office

The right JAMB office to call is that of your state of living or exams, of course. However, since you have access to the phone numbers of other states' JAMB offices, you can call them too. Who knows who will help eventually? Check all states' JAMB offices' addresses and their helplines through my post, "JAMB Supports: How to Contact JAMB for Helps If You Have Issues".

3. Use JAMB Main Support Tickets

JAMB has given you a medium to talk to Abuja Headquarters on various issues. This may be the very best means if you can wait for the responses. See how to get this done through my post, "How Students Can Complain to JAMB on Errors and Admissions".


How I wish I can give you the right reasons and solutions to the disapproval of your applications for change of birth, local government/state, or regularization. However, I can help by giving you what has worked for others as detailed in this post.

Kindly use any of the channels to get the right feedback and get your issues resolved.

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  1. Please what should I do? Jamb disapprove my regularization.. I really need your assistance

    1. Send a complaint message to JAMB through the link below.

  2. Jamb didnt approve my change in state of origin what should I do

    1. You follow the guide in the post above.

    2. Sir jamb didn't approve of my change of state and local government so I went to the place where register for jamb and the man asked me to bring my NiN ,birth certificate and state of orgin certificate I did and he sent my email to them with all my information as proof so they can approve of it and I saw a post that they hardly approve of that stuff and I don't know if there is any other way to do it and am still waiting for an email from them.

    3. Let's wait for their approval. I don't know any other way for now.

    4. Pls when you went back were you ask to pay another fee?

  3. I do change of state of original after I check my Gmail I saw jamb rejection it please sir what can I do right now

    1. Yes. I discussed in the post below.

    2. My jamb I used kwara State as my original and nin I used kwara State as my original and I want to it to kebbi State only jamb

    3. Go to NIMC to change for NIN. Go to JAMB office to change for JAMB

  4. I made a mistake during my registration on my state of origin, tho it was in the local government.. instead of ibadan south east I put in ibadan south west.. tho my jamb regularization is still waiting approval... I pray it's get approved..

  5. I change my state and local government in my ninc today can I go and change state and local government in jamb office by Monday

  6. Sir i saw a mail saying that my correction of date of birth have been rejected by jamb
    Please what can I do?

  7. Sir i gained admission 2011 to study computer science without passing my physics. Now i did my regularization,got an email saying sorry my application was not approved because of insufficient o’level result. Pls what can i do cuz I’ve graduated?

    1. I think the best approach is to rewrite a new SSCE, got the physics and reapply for the regularization.

  8. Jamb balso rejected my application for correction if state and lga of origin, I am feeling frustrated because I need to print my original results but it will show a different state an local government of origin. Please will they reapprove it?

    1. No other way. I'm not sure they will reapprove that.


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